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6 Things to Know before Investing in Two Story Storage Sheds

Do you need extra space without having a long or large barn or garage in your backyard? If yes, then a two story barn is what you should look for. When a single story shed or barn falls short of fulfilling your storage or living needs, it’s time to shift to a two story shed.
For instance, for around 560 square feet area of storage space, you need to choose from a collection of 14′ x 20′ two story storage sheds. If the same structure is of a single level, a 14′ x 40′ barn occupying double space is essential. For such a barn, you also need to acquire extra permits. So, it is better to go with a 2 story storage shed for fulfilling the increasing storage needs without any legal hassles or without occupying the whole yard.
2 story storage sheds double the storage space without occupying more ground space, as compared to the average sheds featuring a single level. Most of them are built in either an a-frame or barn roof style, are prefabbed, and come with a ladder, garage or double doors, and windows. Many manufacturers also offer custom designs so that you can choose the layout that is most suitable for you.
Many two story storage sheds are usually developed in a single wide or double wide sheds. This means that the shed can double to give more storage space. There are even modular models, which render two story sheds to live in. In short, there are many models, sizes, and features to choose from.
So, how do you find which model is best for your needs? Well, for that, it is essential to consider some factors or know certain things before looking for a two story garage or shed. Well, there are 6 such critical things to consider or know. Let’s explore them now!

The Purpose

This is the first thing to know, as it justifies the need for a 2 story storage shed. Nobody invests into something that is not needed. So, it is critical to feel the need for it. Thus, you need to know for what you will be using the shed. Following are the possible uses:
  • For Storing Basic Things: This need is felt when you notice that the existing garage space is now proving insufficient for storing an increasing amount of stuff. Obviously, this is not something that you will feel instantly, but only over a period of time. Your garage might prove short for parking the big car you have just taken. Even the existing single level shed might be small enough to accommodate more old stuff, as the prevalent things there might landslide atop you if you now stack some more things there. So, you may think of getting a storage shed that should not take more ground space than what the existing shed takes, as it is limited.
  • For Storing Lawn and Garden Tools: If you own a pretty sizeable lawn or garden, it is obvious to have a horde of tools such as shovels, riding mowers, rakes, hedges, forks, hoes, pruners, trailers, spades, wheelbarrows, and hoses. Well, all these tools take up a significant amount of storage space. Instead of putting them in a garage or in a subterranean cellar, it’s more convenient to store them in a storage shed that can be pitched nearby the place where you wish to landscape without any hassle.
  • For Working: Are you a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) lover who enjoys doing things while earning a living? Well, in that case, you might prefer one of the two story storage sheds for working on the ground floor and living on the top floor. Rather than keeping all your tools packed and pulling them out each time, you can leave them all in a storage shed and use them as you want. Such arrangement of the tools simply ends up motivating you to work even more than before.
  • For a Private Haven: It is not uncommon to see a two story shed turned into home, gym, office, or library. It can also be a secret hideaway to relax and spend some time in solitude. Instead of going for an expensive construction option, you can have a two story shed house to add an extra room affordably to your home. By selecting the right options, the interior and exterior design can be such that the shed does not look like a barn or garage at all. In fact, it shall look like just another home.
  • The Required Space

    Once you know the exact usage of your new 2 story storage shed, the next thing to know is the amount of space required for storing things. This means you need to have a precise idea of what you shall put inside prior to shopping. Doing so can actually be challenging, as the number of things to store is not going to be the same. However, this does not indicate to make rough guesses about which shed to buy.
    To roughly estimate the size of your shed, find out what you will store in it, measure the medium to large items and add up the dimensions, and add some more feet to them. Use these latest measurements to find out the required depth, width, and height of the new two story barn or shed.
    For storing garden tools with a push mower and a lawn tractor, you need a space of at least 140 square footage and up to 180 square footage area. For covering this area, a shed of 10′ x 18′ is a standard choice but may not leave much space for walking around. In that case, choose a shed of 12′ x 20′. If you even wish to store autos, boats, and small hobby tractors, you need at least 280 square footage area and choose a 12′ x 20′ shed with two story.
    Of all the dimensions, the interior height is of utmost importance. This is because you have to ensure that all tall things can fit inside without negatively influencing your comfort. In case the ceiling is too low, it is seriously not going to make you feel comfortable. It needs to be high enough to make you stand straight without the risk of colliding your head. Similarly, you need to focus on the size of the door opening, which should be sufficiently wide and tall to allow taking the largest or widest item inside.
    Apart from the shed’s size, you should also consider the location that you need to choose for placing the new shed. Well, if the space at the chosen location is not sufficiently wide, a 2 story storage shed is the ideal way to double the storage space. This shed should also fit well into the chosen location. An oversized model can quickly trigger the feeling of a cramped shed.

    The Building Approach

    You can either choose to build a 2 story storage shed on your own or hire a professional to do it. Well, your choice will depend on the amount of work you intend to do willingly for assembling the shed. If you have no idea of how to nail and install a shed or are more at a risk of hurting your fingers, it is far better to hire a professional to make the shed ready for use.
    A professional is likely to set up the shed more swiftly than you would with all required tools. Your most difficult task here is to decide where the building should go, as this can affect the outdoor storage costs significantly. In case you are on a bit tight budget, you would like to build all by yourself.
    Luckily, assembling a shed is not that tough as it may sound. The market is filled with some easy DIY kits, which are particularly designed for the ordinary homeowners. It is simple to assemble these sheds within a few days without implementing any complicated construction skills.
    At times, if you have ended up with a challenging installation, you may not save much time, effort, and money for making your shed ready. Finally, the choice should be as per what you can afford as well as what you are comfortable with.

    Building Permits and Insurance

    Before buying or building a shed, it is your social responsibility to check the local building codes relevant to the outdoor buildings. There can be limitations regarding where you can place a barn or shed as well as using which materials it should be built or brought.
    Many states and neighborhoods need permits for installing a barn or a shed. You are required to have a copy of your lot plot plan and construction details and submit the same to the concerned legal authority. Doing so helps in giving the right idea of the location and type of proposed shed. As a tip, do highlight the location on the plot plan using a pencil to give a clear idea.
    Getting a building permit is perhaps mandatory when you wish to have plumbing or electricity for the two story barn. In case you do not follow the local laws, it may end up relocating the structure or, even worse, removing it. So, do spend some time in getting all the details and knowing all the rules by contacting your local municipal department.
    As a shed is a valuable asset, many of us fail to take into account the impact on the property’s value. Nevertheless, even a small storage shed can add to the property value. Thus, you should inform your insurance company about the new addition.

    The Shed Style

    It has taken much time and efforts for you to make your home look truly graceful. Now, anything that shall be installed around or near it should complement its look and feel. Thus, it is important to pay attention to the style of the 2 story storage shed. It is essential not to deviate from or diminish your home’s appearance. This is best ensured by focusing on the appearance of your shed, which is rendered by its style.
    Well, there are more than 10 styles to choose from for complimenting your home and property in a genuinely unique way. You are required to match the door, window, materials, and roof combinations for choosing the best style. Further, ensure that you are aware of all the free choices for investing in really pretty storage structure. Here are the best styles to consider:
  • Gable: Is one of the most popular storage shed styles with a traditional roof having an unbroken and even pitch. The roof has two sloping sections associated with one another for forming a triangle. Such a roof is the part of several homes even today. This makes the gable style one of the most common choices for matching these homes. It is the most widely used style for backyard sheds, offices, workshops, and playhouses.
  • Quaker: Several Quaker-style homes are seen in the northeastern part of the U.S.A due to which this style is also a popular choice. The unique aspect of this style is the longer length of the roof at the rear while being short in the front and yet hovering over the edge of the front wall. The overall look is more finished. Quaker style two story storage sheds are more famous for their look instead of storage space. There are the classic cottage or Quaker models having a top-notch appearance with a higher pitched roof. Such models are both functional and visually attractive, and are visible even from the nearby road.
  • Barn: This style features a structural appearance that matches well with a pastoral setting. Although these sheds may not be for the domestic animals, they appear to fit beside the barns meant for them. A few barn sheds are big enough to accommodate a loft or shelf for giving more space to store. Styles under this category are colonial, gambrel, and Dutch barns. Of these, the Dutch barns are the most functional models offering you best value for money. They are ideal for storing equipment and boxed items. There are also mini barns featuring a simple appearance and win the race in terms of functionality, not in terms of the look. They facilitate quick and simple storage, when the look is not as vital as the functionality.
  • Dormer: This style features a peaked roof. It is the only style to have a third gable just over the door and on the front. It is also known as a Victorian dormer with a peak over the front wall and another short peak in perpendicular to the main peak. There are two valleys on a side of the short peak, which gives a pleasant appearance. By default, these two story sheds to live in come with two doors.
  • Lean To: This kind of shed is simple to build. It has a sloping roof, which is so towards the door or at the side. It is at times constructed attached to the existing structure. Otherwise, it is built as a self-supported structure.
  • Potting: This style is apt for storing gardening tools and supplies. Usually, these sheds come with a work bench for plants, sky lights, and oversized windows.
  • Construction Material

    Once you decide the right style, it’s time for knowing and selecting the best material. There are various materials from which two story storage sheds are made. It is important to choose the right construction material, as it not only affects the look of the shed but also other aspects such as portability, size, maintenance, durability, and customizability. There are three primary materials that are used in making 2 story storage sheds. They are wood, vinyl, and metal.


    Wood is commonly used to make a two story garage or a barn. A wooden shed is the most conventional option but you can fully tailor it to have the desired interior as well as the exterior in terms of shape or size. It is also flexible enough to get painted in any color for matching your home or property. It can also come with distinct features such as flower boxes, shelves, and domes.
    Several cabinets and shelves can hang from the walls and the overhead sections, which make up for additional storage area. Well, you need to give a finished look to its interior or else it will render an unfinished appearance featuring visible braces and beams, making cleaning a tough task.
    Overall, if finished, wood is the most visually pleasing material. Several homes have siding in wood due to which the material makes the shed or garage congruent with them in terms of look.
    Cons: While wood is a robust material, it is vulnerable too. In other words, bugs, water, and harsh weather can damage a wooden shed easily as well as easily. So, it is essential to use preservatives and sealants on the surface to keep warping, discoloring, and rotting at bay. Even the paint finish shall peel and fade with the passage of time, which will then call for repainting and other maintenance chores. In terms of price, wooden shed kits are costlier than the metal ones of the comparable size but cheaper than the vinyl ones.


    A metal is relatively a more affordable option than wood. It is also a lightweight option to choose for building a two story barn. Regardless of the type of metal in use that can be aluminum or steel, it needs to be free from rust. This is necessary if you wish the shed to last for a long time with little maintenance. The metal you choose must have an enamel finish. This kind of galvanization keeps rust at bay.
    So, a metal shed of 2 story can be built either using steel or galvanized aluminum. For those on tight budget, a metal shed is the least expensive option to consider. So, metal sheds attract beginners the most.
    Cons: While several of these sheds are durable, they are as strong as wooden sheds. In simple words, if your two story garage or shed is likely to be pitched in a windy or stormy area, it is wise considering an anchoring kit. Such a kit ensures that the shed remains firmly in its place. Moreover, these sheds are also vulnerable to denting, particularly on the often used door area.
    Overall, the metal sheds or their kits are not meant to be as appealing as wooden sheds. They are also available in fewer options in terms of size and shape. However, they are available in a myriad of colors. You can even paint a metal shed but then you will have to do so frequently to retain a fresh look.
    If you are willing to go for a metal shed, it is critical to consider the kind of foundation on which you need to place or build the structure. This is because many metal shed kits come without any kind of floor. In case of a gravel foundation, metal might not be the right material to choose for storing things other than the lawn equipment.
    You also need to know that a metal shed kit can be challenging when it comes to assembling. Further, due to the intrinsic nature of the material, using different accessories might not be an effortless task. For example, adding windows can be tough and shelf compatibility shall also be more restricted than that in a wooden shed.


    This one is perhaps the costliest of all three materials. However, the more upfront cost is what you pay in advance for durability. Vinyl is capable of resisting rot, rust, and peeling. There is also no risk of denting, as most vinyl sheds feature the protective double-wall panels. Due to these pros, they are perfect for use in a harsh climate.


    Investing in two story storage sheds needs a thorough consideration just as if it is a financial investment. Once you have considered all the above factors, you can start looking for the best two story sheds to live in. You will now be able to buy the best one, as it shall meet your requirements and budget.

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