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Tuff Shed Cabins: 12 Reasons Why You Should Consider Them Too!

Tuff Shed cabins are especially designed for those who always crave for a getaway cabin in the woods. However, that’s not the only purpose these small yet airy cabins serve. They are also ideal for playing the role of guest houses in which your guests can comfortably stay in their own space.
For several homeowners, the backyard is a sanctuary or a place to hide away. Whether it is for gardening, grilling, entertaining, or lounging; having a backyard for living makes home surroundings quite special. All cabin shells of Tuff Shed are synonymous with the backyard. Although they have storage space for the household goods, there are other ways they aid in making a difference to your everyday agenda.

Overview of the Brand and its Cabin Shells

Tuff Shed does not stick to one type of sheds. They offer garages, custom models, and cabin shells, of which the latter has received groundbreaking popularity although they have been recently introduced. A Tuff Shed cabin shell belongs to the brand’s expansive lineup of typical structures.
The brand has been offering these models since almost 35 years, developing thousands of sheds and loyal customers throughout the journey. Its unique aspect is its commitment to developing backyard structures that are beyond standard sheds.
While the brand has been modeling cabins for customers since quite some time, the new cabin shells are available with standardized layouts and more competitive prices. So, it has now become easier to obtain exactly what is required.
The latest Tuff Shed cabin shells have interior floor plans just like the one on offer by homebuilders. This means that you can choose a shed by its area or layout. By default, there is no interior finishing.
However, the brand extends its service to help planning a building layout by offering the wall framing for the interior, which shall be finished either by the buyer or its professional contractor. This approach is what is responsible for keeping the Tuff Shed cabin shell prices low.
Combining the collection of all Tuff Shed cabins, you can easily find a gable roof coupled with a ranch-style design as well as a gambrel roof with a barn-style design. You can even choose a model with a two story.
In short, the brand and its cabins are dedicated to offer the most systematic ways of organizing with sheds and storage. Ranging right from backyard hideaways to conventional storage means, a Tuff shed product is versatile enough to be used in a myriad of ways.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Tuff Shed Cabins

A Tuff Shed cabin shell is typically a small house, even though it may be of two story. Many individuals tend to wonder why the trend is of shifting into a tiny Tuff Shed house. Well, there are several reasons why an individual would opt to downsize or shift to a smaller living space. They are broadly split into two categories: Persuading and Sustaining.
While there are a couple of persuading reasons, some of them are quite common. Here are these common reasons that may mean differently to each person. So here are the top 5 reasons for choosing a Tuff Shed cabin or a tiny house!

Reason 1: Simpler Lifestyle

This is perhaps what most people are now preferring over luxurious or upscale lifestyle. Many factors, right from economically volatile conditions to personal finance status, are persuading many to live a simpler life. For them, one of the aspects of a simpler life is to buy and keep only what is required and refrain from the rest, including the size of the house.
Well, this reason is quite personal, as the manner one chooses to live life is totally dependent on that person. While a few opt to gather an assortment of diverse materialistic things, others are interested in retaining minimum belongings so that they can remain sane.
Right since out childhood, we learn that it is necessary to buy things and consume them to let the world progress. However, this does not mean that we necessarily have to indulge even in unnecessary things. For many people today, the luxurious things have now become totally optional.
So, while it is beneficial and essential to spend money for the economy by fulfilling the basic needs, it is wise to be vigilant about the things on which we spend money so that we do not get trap by junk.
No matter how much one would like to maintain a cabin or shed full of items sold on Amazon, the fact is that one seriously would have no time to enjoy all those things inside! So, acting rationally, one would rather also have a living abode with less space to use, store, and maintain.
Another factor in favor of a small home is least maintenance of all things at home, which also adds to a simpler lifestyle. This means reduced expenditure and efforts to take care of things at home, including electrical devices. This is well supplemented by the Tuff Shed cabins prices. Well, these are some factors that can influence one’s decision of moving to a small home for a simpler lifestyle.
It is vital to understand that here the point is not a minimalistic lifestyle but a simple lifestyle that caters to the needs and yet prevents one from indulging in the wants of life. So, one does not have to cut down the needs but only some lavish wants to make living simpler as well as hassle-free.

Reason 2: Finance Channelizing

This is perhaps one of the most common reasons why people are transitioning to smaller spaces for living. Well, this reason does not indicate that people cannot afford to live in normal-sized houses. Well, it points to the fact that several people are truly thinking about how much portion of their earnings is going towards expenses for living.
Several of us who are living in two-story Tuff Shed cabins can afford to stay in a bigger home. However, the point is that what one feels is valuable is a big factor contributing to the re-prioritization of finances.
Most of them have started recognizing the fact that instead of investing too much in a home, there are many more useful things to spend money on, such as education and retirement savings. This finally has led to the small home movement on a large scale.
A huge number of individuals find it hard to believe that it is necessary to spend a large portion of the earnings for just the basic necessity, for almost 25-30 years. Regardless of whether you love to travel, retire early, make new memories, or gain diverse experiences, money has a big role to play. It can easily push one to a tiny and safe side or big and dark side.

Reason 3: Higher Education

Nobody can deny the fact that higher education is always costly. Okay, the school education can be affordable but not anything beyond that. At the same time, just having school education does not prove sufficient for making a successful career. So, it makes sense to save more for a higher as well as better education. One of the best ways to do so is cutting down the home cost by buying a two story Tuff Shed cabin.
On an average, the room and university board’s cost in the U.S. over the period of four years is approximately $40,000. This is an all-inclusive cost of dwelling in a college campus. Well, this much amount is sufficient to build a small home.
Just bear in mind that you cannot take away your room with you once you graduate. Now, suppose you erect a small home $30,000 and live in it for 10 years, the living expenses that you save is likely to cover up the college education!

Reason 4: Unavoidable Retirement

A normal trend is that an individual considers when to retire and how comfortable should the life be thereafter, much later in life. Well, a shrewd person will always consider and plan for these things early in life.
There are people who opt to live in a small Tuff Shed cabin for several years to save and live more nicely after retirement. On the other hand, there are people who have saved for their retirements and are now simply saving more by staying in small houses.
Nonetheless, you have the right to choose the kind of retirement in need. It might seem a coincidence spotting so many elderly people traveling to different places while living in a small or mobile home. Still, this does not mean that they have done it so without thinking at all. Obviously, there ought to be something in their mind. This is nothing but a considerate planning!

Reason 5: Eco-friendliness

It is known that carbon dioxide is harmful to the environment. So, it is the need of an hour to reduce the release of this gas in the atmosphere. Well, a small home of wood or metal supports this goal quite easily. Average homes release almost 16,000 pounds of carbon dioxide through electricity, while a small home such as Tuff Shed cabins release not more than 1145 pounds.
Even through heating and cooling devices, the release amount of sheds, cabins, or smaller dwellings is less than 7% of what typical houses release. In a year, small dwellings such as cabins release not more than 7% of what the average houses emit.
This means that small homes not only need less amount of construction materials as well as building efforts but also less amount of energy in any form used to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in the long run. After all, it is our responsibility to take care of our environment by treating the ecosystem well.
For anyone who is a great fan of the environment and is serious about protecting it, owning a small home like a Tuff Shed cabin of two story is a matter of pride instead of just a choice or priority. Undoubtedly, such choices positively affect the environment and set up a benchmark for eco-conscious houses.
Well, these are 5 reasons for shifting to a tiny cabin. While many choose a small dwelling for at least one of these reasons, the reasons of others, too, tend to fall into one of these categories. Well, the reasons are just not the justifications for choosing Tuff Shed cabin shells for living but also are the factors that influence a majority of the people significantly.
Once you get influenced by these factors and decide to go for a small dwelling, you need reasons as to why you would choose Tuff Shed cabins. Well, these are known as sustaining reasons. This is because they are likely to make you stick to these homes only for a long time or throughout your life.

7 Sustaining Reasons to buy a tuff shed cabin

Reason 1: Quick Building

One of the most attractive abilities of a cabin or a shed is an easy and quick installation or build. This is exactly what the cabins of this brand never cease to ensure. No matter which type of cabin you choose, you can easily build it in 3-5 days on the chosen site. This is also regardless of how skilled you are. The instruction manual is so simple to read, understand, and follow that even a beginner or naive can quickly build it.

Reason 2: Home-like Feel

Usually, a shed is either for animals to live in or for things to store. However, nowadays, you can easily get sheds as cabins for human living as well. This is evident in terms of one or more doors as well as windows along with a second story. These features are also available in the Tuff Shed cabins, which never fail to trigger a homely ambiance.
Similarly, there are different roof options available along with custom siding designs to choose from. This gives you a feeling of building your own home with your own choices and preferences. At the end, you find there is no difference in building such a cabin and a home.
The different roof options available for cabins include ranch, barn, lean to, and single slope. Further, many floor plans show kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and porches. Isn’t that enough to make a small, sweet home?
There are spacious yet medium-sized cabins as well to accommodate a big group or a family comfortably. For example, such a cabin can have a stairwell for a quick and simple access to the loft, three to four beds on the upper level, an AC unit, and some light to make the life of up to 10 guests easier.

Reason 3: Customizable to Your Specifics

A Tuff shed cabin shell does not confine itself to just windows, doors, and four walls. These shells are flexible enough to accept customization as per your choice. For example, you can go for the standard exterior cabin upgrades, such as dormers and porches, and interior wall decorations such as shelves and artwork. All cabin sheds come with their shell only. This means that you can finish them in the way you like. This is another way to customize your new cabin home.

Reason 4: Varieties

Although ranging from small to medium sizes, Tuff Shed cabins are available in different varieties in terms of styles. There are almost 10 styles to choose from. The variety of floor plans encompasses one to three bedroom models extending from 576 square feet to 1,500 square feet, respectively.

Reason 5: Warranty and Guarantee

Each Tuff shed cabin has a 10-year warranty. Further, its roof comes with a 30-year guarantee. Well, this is enough to make you prefer these cabins.

Reason 6: Affordable

Most of the Tuff Shed cabin shell prices start below $30,000. This makes it an effectively better deal for having a lifelong dwelling in the form of a cabin than a standard home.

Reason 7: Versatile

If you think that a cabin shell can only be your home, it’s time to rethink. This is because the shells of Tuff Shed are versatile enough to be your workshop, garage, or both!

What Can You Do with a Tuff Shed Cabin Shell

Tuff Shed cabins are not just meant to be your home. This is because they are flexible enough to act as other structures as well. You can set a cabin to make it both your home and workplace. Here is what a cabin shell can become for you:
  • Home Office: Convert the cabin into your office in case you work from home. A home office in the backyard is an ideal option if your office is far away from your home or if it is a home business and is expanding over the work desk in your bedroom. Each of the Tuff Shed cabins can be tailored to fulfill your work requirements as well as the preferred style. The workplace of your dream can now become a reality in no time, regardless of whether it is a multi-level space or a studio.
  • Workshop: you would not believe but the most preferable use of a Tuff Shed cabin is extra working space. A new garage with some additional area for a working place is a cool strategy to implement. However, if there is already a garage that is now full of various projects and tools, consider moving them to the insulated cabin workshop. You can then have the garage as a standalone area and use it for another purpose. This is a great idea if you wish to have lots of storage as well as working place.
  • Backyard Hangout: With Tuff Shed cabins, you need not go somewhere else to hang out with kids, friends, or family. You can simply build one of these cabins and convert it into a hosting or an entertaining place in no time. For example, you can simply add a fireplace, a patio, and some vibrant LED or laser lights. This can make your new cabin a center of attraction for all the guests or simply a surprise for all your beloved ones. Even the neighbors would not be able to stop themselves from praising your new but rocking cabin.
  • Parking: It might sound a bit strange but it is true that auto lovers use cabins for parking their vehicles inside. There is no doubt that Americans simply are great car lovers and so not hesitate in spending a great amount in buying as well as maintaining their vehicles. Well, they or any car lover can now easily safeguard that investment by shifting the parking space from an unsafe street corner to a cabin. This is a nice idea if you do not have much to store but have a car to protect from harsh elements and intruders. A lean-to design is perhaps a good choice for this purpose, as it prevents moisture and snow from entering inside with its sloping roof.
  • Storage Place: It is not necessary that the cabin you choose has to be your home or workshop. You can simply go for one story model and convert it into a storage place. This is a nice idea if you have too many things to store but do not want to keep at home or in a rentals storage building. Your things will be near you to use it anytime you want. Alternatively, you may even store them to sell them in near future.
  • Greenhouse Plantation: If you love to garden but are unable to find space, a small cabin can be your best solution. You can easily grow plants and vegetables of your choice in it.
  • Dual Usage: This is an option to consider if you are confused as to for what purpose should the new cabin be used. In that case, a combination of purposes proves to be beneficial in the long run. Simply choose from the Tuff Sheds cabins of your choice and add a second floor to it (may be your workshop or garage) or a partition wall inside it to have a guest house. Well, this is just one idea to make several uses of your single cabin. The possibilities for these cabins are genuinely infinite. It’s all up to you!
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