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Important Things to Consider When Getting Sheds for Rent

Sheds serve a significant purpose in a home, property or anywhere that may need some extra space or storage. A shed is simply a one-story roofed structure that is usually found in the backyard or a space. Sometimes, there is just not enough storage for a lot of things. Thus, people look for storage sheds for rent. Some people also use these sheds as additional space for their hobbies and crafts.
There are several types of sheds, and knowing these could help one decide which particular one to look for among all the sheds for rent. The kind of shed is just one of the things that one must consider in picking the right one for a particular purpose.

Types of Sheds

The types of sheds can be categorized by size, by use, or by the material. Below are the different types per category and their descriptions.

Types of Sheds by Size

Small Domestic

This is the simplest type, and perhaps the most common among all the sheds. These are the ones that can be seen in the backyard or the garden of a typical family. Small domestic sheds are used to store garden equipment like a lawnmower or tools like hoes and shovels. Supplies that cannot be kept inside the house like pesticides and the likes can also be stored in a shed.
Since these sheds are just small in size, they can easily be placed beside a fence or a wall and will not block the view or cause a rift in your landscape. There are home improvement shops that provide shed plans and also sell Do-It-Yourself kits in wood or plastic so you can build your own shed. There are also some companies who offer small sheds for rent.

Larger Domestic

Larger sheds are more expensive and are usually designed to have features similar to a house. A large shed has windows and power outlets. This type is the one used not only as a storage space but also as a hobbyist’s and enthusiast’s place. This shed is perfect for those who are into gardening, electronics or engine repairs, and other DIY and craft makers. Some even use this as an outdoor office. This type is the one that you can typically see in shed rentals.
This type of shed is also customizable and can be personalized to match with how one’s main house looks like. Some decors can be added to this type of sheds like flower boxes. There are even some rental sheds with porches. Sheds that are used for gardening can be customized to have bigger windows and ventilation vents.

Types of Sheds by Usage

There are a number of uses for sheds. Hence, they can be categorized based on their actual use. See them below:
  • Garden Sheds – This is the type of shed includes the tool sheds that most homes have in the backyard or garden. It is where garden equipment and tools can be kept. Sheds used for potting also belong to this type.
  • Bicycle Sheds or Bike Sheds – This is used to protect bikes from rain or snow. A bike shed usually has a roof and a frame where bikes can be locked and supported. A bike shed can be as simple as a framework with a roof, or it can be as complex as a shed with walls, doors, or gates.
  • Boat Sheds – These are sheds built near the water like lakes or rivers, etc. This is mainly used to store boats, paddles, life vests, and other tools and equipment related to boating or fishing.
  • Wood Sheds – This type of sheds is used for storage of fire woods and protect them from adverse weather conditions like the rain or snow. This is usually situated in an area near the home or building that needs heating using a wood-burning furnace.
  • Agricultural Sheds – Farm sheds or barns are used to keep agricultural equipment, tools and supplies, hays, and other farm supplies. It can also be used to house livestock or poultry animals in the farm.
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    Types of Sheds by Material

    It is also important that before you rent a shed, you also decide what material is appropriate for your needs. There are different types of sheds based on the material used to build and construct them.
  • Metal Sheds – These sheds are made out of metal sheathing like galvanized steel, corrugated iron, and aluminum. A metal shed is a good choice if one is looking for a sturdy and fire-resistant storage that can also protect the contents from rot and termites. However, it is also important to take note that metal sheds are prone to rusts and dents.
  • These sheds are usually not that expensive, however, compared to their resin and wood counterpart, they’re not as tough. Thus, if you are in an area that typically gets hit by storms, this type of shed might not be your best choice.
  • Plastic Sheds – This type of sheds is made from plastic that’s heavy-molded like polyethylene and PVC. Combining PVC resins with the high-impact and UV-resistant polyethylene makes the plastic sheds lighter yet more stable and durable. It can resist dents and chips more as compared to wood.
  • A lot of plastic sheds are now modular, which is an advantage, whenever a case of extension is needed. Another advantage of plastic sheds is that they are not prone to rust, termites, and other insect damage. Thus, they require less maintenance. There are a lot of plastic sheds for rent, and some are even rent-to-own.
  • Wooden Sheds – Sheds made up of wood possess a very natural look which goes very well in garden landscapes.
  • Wood is a sturdy material for sheds, however, if untreated and neglected, it can lose all its beautiful looks over time. If the wood is untreated with rot-proofing preservatives or varnish, the wood can rot, warp, split or have some mildew and mold.
    Wooden sheds can leak and rot because of the rain so it is important to check if the shed’s roof overhangs its sides with the minimum 5cm while front. The back should be 7.5 cm at least. Wood is also prone to fire or termites if not well-maintained.
    Some choose wood sheds because they can easily be modified since wood can be drilled or cut using the standard tools in a household, unlike metal sheds which might require specialized equipment to make the changes.
  • Vinyl-sided Sheds – This type of sheds is built with a standard wood frame with vinyl siding-covered walls. The vinyl siding protects the wood and frame from moisture, rain, and snow. These sheds do not need any maintenance and are more durable than metal or plastic sheds. Thus, this type is a good choice to look for in shed rentals.
  • TPR – In some countries, some sheds are made from sustainable concrete alternatives called the TPR. The TPR is a synthetic concrete material. These sheds are commonly coated with marine gel coat. They are more durable and sturdy than the traditional sheds.
  • Know the Purpose

    Since there are different types of sheds according to usage, one of the first things to consider in choosing the shed to be rented is its purpose. What is the primary use of the shed you are planning to build or rent?
    One must build or rent a shed that answers the needs of the family or business. Is it going to be used as a storage for garden tools? Is it for boating or fishing? Is it for farm or agricultural purposes? Is it going to be a place for relaxation or hobbies?
    The purpose of the shed will also help in determining the size needed. If there will be large equipment to be stored, then it is necessary that the shed is the large type with big doors. If it is to be used for potting, then the shed should be the one with big windows so the sun can get in.
    There are different companies that offer sheds for rent for various purposes. They provide client’s catalogs or list of their storage sheds for rent through their websites to help make it easier for their customers to decide.

    Shed Access and Headroom

    Ensure that you rent a shed that has a doorway where people can get inside without tripping or banging their heads. Make sure that the door is as wide as what is needed or even larger, if possible. Also, make sure that it has enough headroom inside too. Take note too that it is better to have a bigger space than what you need. This is in anticipation of the things that might also need the storage space in the future. Furthermore, it is better to be able to move freely inside the shed to avoid accidental hitting of objects inside.

    Shed Location

    One should also consider the weather in the area where the shed will be placed before renting one. Are you in a rainy or stormy area? Is it windy? Are there termites in the area? Do you plan to put the shed near a lake? Your choice on which rental sheds to pick should also depend on the environment where it will be situated.
    If you have a metal shed and you are in a stormy or windy area, you might need some anchoring kit to help keep it in place. If the area you are in is known to have some termites around, a wooden shed might not be the best choice. Thus, it is important to consider these things so you can utilize your shed for a longer period of time.

    Shed Permits

    There are neighborhoods that have restrictions when it comes to building sheds. Check if there are any restrictions regarding sheds in your area. For example, there are cities which dictate the particular distance from a fence line where a shed is allowed to be built. Knowing this can help one decide how big the shed they will need to make or to look for from the shed rentals. Also, find out if there is any form that you need to submit or permit that you need to acquire from the city or community office. Start by checking with a neighbor who has a shed to get some ideas.
    It is better that all the necessary permits are ready before renting a shed. No one wants to be hassled once the big structure is already in your backyard. Thus, to be stress-free, make sure that all the necessary forms and permits are filled out or submitted before the rental sheds are transported.

    Shed Material

    As enumerated in the beginning of this article, there are several shed types based on the material they are built from. There are sheds made from wood, metal, plastic, TPR, and those that are vinyl-sided. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on other different factors like the purpose and the location where the shed is needed to be placed, decide which material is best for you among all the sheds for rent that are available.
    Remember that renting a shed means monthly payment is required. Thus, it is important that you get your money’s worth. No one would want to be paying monthly for something that cannot be utilized nor maximized for a considerable period of time without hassles. Hence, one should pick the shed type that can provide what is required and which can also withstand the environment where it will be placed.

    Shed Monthly Cost

    In looking for storage sheds for rent, one major thing to consider is the rental price. It is important that you pick the one that fits the family budget or the business’ financial status. There are several companies that offer affordable sheds for rent, and there are even some rent-to-own ones. Check and compare the sheds and their corresponding monthly rental prices before deciding on which one to rent.
    Also, find the shed rental company that has a good deal. Think about when and if the family or the business financial situation becomes worse, can it turn itself into an added liability? Does the shed rentals company offer to pick up the portable structure with no charge? Also, you might decide that you want to purchase the shed when the right time comes. Does the company offer rent-to-own options? If there is a need to increase the size of the shed at some point in the future, will the company let you trade it with a larger unit without any hassle?
    These are just some questions you can ask the shed rental companies before coming up with a decision. List down your priority features and set aside a considerable budget to help you arrive at the best compromise.

    Customize Your Shed

    Once you already have your shed transported to your place, there are several ideas and ways to personalize it depending on its purpose. Of course, you will need to check with the rental company the extent of customization that can be done on the shed before you do anything drastic. This is especially important if you are planning to make changes that would require boring or drilling.
    If nothing extreme, there are a lot of decorative materials that you can use to beautify the shed – from curtains to ornamental plants, chairs or couches, shelves, and a lot more. There are websites online like Pinterest that can provide inspirations on what possible designs that can be used on a shed.
    Some people use the rental sheds as relaxation spaces in the garden and they decorate them like actual living rooms or bedrooms. Some use it like a mini library where there are books or magazines in shelves and relaxing couches and chairs. There are a lot of designs that can be set-up in a shed based on what the use is.


    There are several factors that need to be considered when picking the shed for your family or business. It is important that all the elements are checked and reviewed before deciding on the shed to be rented. Before picking the shed to rent, know several factors like the purpose of the shed, the size needed, the material that is best for the shed’s use and location, the monthly cost, and if there is any required form or permit prior to setting it up in your property.
    Browse through the websites of different companies that offer shed rentals until you find the best one that can answer the needs of your family or business. There are also some forums or review websites regarding rental sheds where you could get some further information before you decide. YouTube also has some videos about rental sheds that you can view to gather some information.
    No matter what the purpose is, once you have already decided on the right choice and have the shed fully set up in your backyard, it will surely give you the space you require or the relaxation you need. Just do not forget that proper maintenance is necessary especially to those sheds that really need it. Properly maintained sheds can last years, and everyone wants that for sure.

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