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Shed Windows: What You Should Know before Buying

Shed windows are not just for enhancing style but they are also for boosting the overall functionality by rendering proper ventilation and sunlight. In fact, they are among the most significant design elements of any shed construction.
Despite this fact, it is common to see people having or constructing a shed by paying detailed attention to everything excluding windows. Although it is common to focus more on the shed’s make and model, it is more common for people to forget about windows. Well, this is unfortunate, as even the small shed windows tend to influence the look, feel and style of the shed.
Sheds can have different types of windows. Two sheds may look similar but they are likely to differ in terms of the window style. For example, one shed may have two doors with small windows, which is good for storage purpose. The other one might have larger windows, which ensure better ventilation and full natural light inside for running a workshop comfortably.
A shed with windows also increases curb appeal. It is common for most householders to consider a shed not only for storing things but also for increasing the property’s curb appeal. This is because such sheds provide a completely new look, which certainly end up the sale value.
Further, storage shed windows are fully customizable, which means you can beautify them in any of the possible different ways. At the same time, they act as the means to view what is happening in the outside world.

Factors to Consider before Investing in the Right Shed Windows

No wooden shed or any other shed shall look complete without having the right windows for lighting, ventilation, and better design than plan walls. However, one needs to be vigilant in selecting the windows, as a wrong choice can simply reverse the goal of improved curb appeal or look of both shed and home.
There are different types of shed windows available, both in terms of shed type and shape. For example, one may look for garden shed windows or replacement shed windows. Similarly, some may look for square shed window frames. However, how can one determine the most appropriate shed window type? Well, this is something you need to know before choosing the windows for your shed.
Initially, selecting storage shed windows can be overwhelming, especially for the first time buyers. This is because of the variety of designs and styles available in the market for selection purpose. However, this is not powerful enough to put you off while choosing the first window kept on the shelf. Well, that is because it is not the variety of styles and designs that you need to focus on but it is watchful thinking and factoring in a few critical considerations.
The factors that are likely to influence your selection are what you all need to know before selecting the windows for a shed. The assortment of possibilities being sold is likely to make you sweat if you do not consider these factors. Let us these factors be your guide in your shopping. Following are these factors to consider:

Factor 1: Function

A shed window design should not just be visually attractive but also functionally attractive. For this, you need to know how you shall use the shed. For instance, if you are buying a shed for planting purpose, the best option is the garden shed. Similarly, if you are planning to have a greenhouse, a horticulture type shed is what you need.
For having a working space, you will need a shed that can fetch more day light by having more than one window. Therefore, if you need more light, shed windows are essential. Traditional sheds are fine but only for storage purpose. While choosing windows, they should be such that they can close and open so that fresh air can circulate inside.

Factor 2: Size and Shape

Smaller windows are available in four shapes namely, transom, square, sunburst, and octagonal. On the other hand, the larger ones come in two shapes namely, arched and rectangle. The arched ones are specifically made but are also available as a blend of sunburst and rectangular shapes.
Carefully selecting the right shape and size tends to add significantly to the shed’s character as well as utility. To do so, you need to consider the main purpose, which is to allow light inside the shed. While a few windows perform this function exclusively, some also facilitate better air circulation.
For instance, smaller storage shed windows do not close or open and are just for allowing light inside the shed. On the other hand, larger rectangular windows also allow better circulation. The square, octagonal, and sunburst shapes are usually seen high up in a wall or over a door. They let natural light in and make appearance more interesting for a plain surface. Their small size and non-opening style do not result in any security issue.
shed window frames

Factor 3: Style

If curb appeal is important for you, it makes sense to choose a window style that seems to blend well with the decor of your property. In other words, you need to look for a style similar to that of the home windows. Although there are many options to consider such as top hung or side hung window, it is wise to consider a mix and match style that goes with the overall look of the home.
In ventilation is not a concern and only good light is the priority, a fixed window is most suitable option. In case you are looking for a nice looking simple window that is more functional than the appearance, a top or side hung window is suitable. For a pretty look in the garden of your office, double hung sliding or horizontal sliding window is ideal.

Factor 4: Security and Safety

Shed windows should not be such that the burglars from outside can see what is inside the shed. Unfortunately, many people end up choosing such windows through which outsiders can easily see the valuable tools and vehicles inside. This happens regardless of whether the windows are small or big.
Therefore, as a workaround, it is essential to cover the windows to make it look dark for the outsiders while still making it possible for you to see the outside world. A heavily tinted glass is a good option for hiding things from hunting eyes. For a window in the shed door or near the entrance, a shatter-resistant plastic or fiberglass material is reliable for reducing the likelihood of an effective burglary.
You can even look for specially made shed windows for ensuring a high level of security. These security windows are quite narrow, horizontal, non-opening, and are always installed high on the shed walls. They allow light inside but is above the eye level of most onlookers as well as quite narrow for removing or placing anything.
If you do not have such a level of security, smaller windows are your suitable option. Even these windows, when placed at the standard height, can ensure improved security. Their vertical steel bars in the frames add to security without being much invasive.
Even blinds and shutters add to security. You can lock or close shutters, which might be essential for both security from burglars and protection from sun. Even blinds have the same purpose.

Factor 5: Customization

This is not a necessary factor to consider. However, it is handy for those who prefer tailoring things as per their preferences or increasing the curb appeal. For example, you can consider windows that are customizable with flower vases outside or curtains inside for giving a look of home extension instead of only of a distinct edifice on the property.

Factor 6: Window Frame Materials

An important part of the window is its frame. Choosing the right material for the frame makes it sturdy and durable. Shed window frames are made using one of the three key materials namely aluminum, wood, and PVC. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons. Choosing one of them is truly dependent on your budget and maintenance efforts you are willing to invest.
  • Aluminum: Is most durable and resistance to rusting. These windows are available in different anodized finishes that are resistant to corrosion and need minimal maintenance. Although costlier, they are worth each penny.
  • PVC: Is available in fixed colors that do not fade with time. This is because the material is dyed. However, on the other side, the material can get brittle with time and is not an eco-friendly option.
  • Wood: Is most aesthetically pleasing material when painted or treated nicely. In case of untreated wood, the frame is likely to be damaged by weather with the passage of time.
  • Factor 7: Window Glass

    Once you choose the frame, the next important component to focus is the kind of glass. Again, the choice of glass is dependent on the purpose of using the shed. If the purpose is just plain storage, it is fine to go for the standard glass or plastic panes.
    In case you will be using the shed for planting, then it is ideal to choose a horticultural glass. This glass allows passing more light and is quite thinner. However, at the same time, it is brittle enough to break into pierced ruins if broken. In case you are looking for a window that is more energy-efficient and prettier, a double-glazed one featuring toughened glass is an ideal choice.

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