Shed versus garage

Technically, a shed and a garage are not the same outbuildings. There are differences although it is possible to have garage shed these days for parking vehicles ranging right from mowers to farm tractors and cars. Despite this similarity in terms of usage, interestingly, there are different viewpoints when it comes to exploring shed versus garage.


The Different Viewpoints

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a shed refers to a slight structure for storage as well as shelter, which is typically a single-storied building with single or multiple open sides. On the other hand, a garage refers to a repair shop or shelter for motorized vehicles. This is why many people shall agree that a car always resides in a garage, not in a shed. However, the modern sheds are gradually overcoming this difference. This is because there are jumbo-sized sheds acting as garages for storing automotive vehicles or motorbikes. Further, you can even find sheds with two story.

According to some people, a shed is a small house wherein one can keep assorted outdoor stuff such as gardening tools and mowers. In addition, a shed is typically a part of a backyard or lawn. On the other hand, a garage is chiefly for parking big vehicles although it is possible to store assorted stuff inside, such as ladders, shovels, and bamboo sticks that may not go inside a shed. Further, a shed is something that one can see in the front of the house.

Again, this difference is losing its significance. This is because both the usages are interchangeable. In other words, you can find sheds that are big enough to accommodate big tools. Further, these days, they are perched near a garage in a backyard. Another popular difference is that a shed is typically for storing tools and other objects; whereas, a garage is for storing a car and other objects.

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Despite these differences losing their significance, one major difference yet persists. This difference between a shed and a garage is in terms of size. It is still true that a garage is larger than the largest shed. Usually, sheds are below 199 square feet in area as well as need a site permit. Thus, any structure whose size is 200 square feet or beyond is a garage, which needs a building permit that mandates its construction specifications.

Due to this difference, one can say that a shed may not be big enough to hold two cars and miscellaneous garden tools. While a shed can hold push mowers, riding mowers, tillers, weed cutters, and a small boat, a garage can accommodate two cars along with 3 dozen big boxes of antiques.


Considering a Shed or a Garage As Per the Needs

You might intend to know as to when to consider buying a garage and when to buy a shed. Well, this decision is primarily dependent on your needs. A shed is perhaps unique in terms of versatility. By choosing from an assortment of modular designs, it is easy to tailor a shed to have it as the desired kind of building, ranging right from a small house to a utility shed.