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To Rent or Not to Rent? Pros and Cons of Rental Storage Buildings

Space is available at a premium cost when you live in a crowded region and particularly in a high rise apartment. Many apartments lack sufficient storage space due to which you either have to buy furniture or a storage unit to fit all items that are not removable. This is truly the scenario in most countries around the world. This is the reason why several individuals are looking for storage buildings, especially in the U.S.A, Europe, and U.A.E. Imagine moving to a new home. This is the time when you will find that you can’t find space to store your belongings temporarily for a few days or weeks. Perhaps, there is a new big cupboard to be shifted but there is not enough space in the old home for it. Or, probably, you have gathered some old but large items that you do not wish to store in your new home but cannot throw away as well due to the intention of selling them. At times, there are transport issues while moving to the new place. For instance, you may realize that a big dining table set just cannot fit through the new entrance. This means that you need an instant medium to store it until you find out what should be done about it! Well, these are just some of the reasons why you would look for storage buildings on rent. The underlying need is of the extra space for accommodating various items while moving to a new building, downsizing your home in case of a crisis, or obtaining a new property after the demise of a dear one. However, the question is why to go for rental storage buildings when you can buy a new one and possess it for a lifetime?

Why Prefer Storage Buildings for Rent over Buying Them

Many people argue that buying a storage unit is more affordable as well as convenient in the long run, although you will have to shell out more money upfront than a rental price. Well, this is a fact, which no one can deny. However, it does not mean that buying a storage building is always a smart means to store the extra items. It all boils down to the needs and budget for storage. Renting is more convenient and affordable when you simply cannot spend time in researching, analyzing, and selecting the best storage unit. In times of moving or traveling, purchasing a new storage unit is certainly not a wise choice. This is when people even do not hesitate in looking for used storage buildings for sale. People also consider rental storage buildings if they need to store things that are least useful to them and they now want to resell them but do not have space at home to store. This means that this option is useful for storing things on a very short term basis or temporarily. This is the main reason why you would not buy a storage unit and take it on a rent. Buying a storage unit is wise when you wish to store things permanently but do not have sufficient space at home to do so. Thus, none of the two options is ideal in all situations. The choice simply depends on the usage, urgency, and budget. It is vital to keep in mind that renting a storage building has its own pros and cons. While it is an ideal way to store your equipment and valuables safe while being away, it may make you pay significantly higher than the market rates. This is true particularly when you will be far for a long time. However, this issue is resolvable if you manage to find a genuine company of rental storage buildings or used storage buildings on sale. In these situations, the biggest benefit of renting a storage facility or unit is that you get instant access to space for handling your circumstances easily. In fact many online proposers of a buying storage unit debate by saying that an increasing demand for rental storage buildings might result in its shortage in your area when in need. So, it is wise to buy a storage unit. Well, this counter-argument itself says that an increasing number of people are looking for rental storage facilities.

How to Choose: Buy or Rent?

For determining whether to rent or buy a storage building, it is essential to find precise answers to the following three questions:
  • What will you store inside it?
  • For how long you will store?
  • Is there enough space to build or install a storage unit?
  • Usually, there are four types major rental options namely, personal, vehicle, business, and aircraft. All of these units are in high demand. Well, around 2.3 billion square feet of space in America is rentable storage. This is enough to accommodate each inhabitant to stand inside it. So, even you can easily rent one of these units for storing personal belongings, vehicles, and business products. If you need storage space for a short-term, renting is a better option. However, if the storage duration is for several years, then renting can be expensive. Further, if you wish to buy a storage unit but do not have proper space outside, then it is wise going for a rental option. Whatever be the reasons, renting a storage unit is a short-term choice. However, still, it is unwise to go for it directly without weighing its pros and cons. You need to find out whether it is really a reliable way to keep your items safe or is it extremely necessary or not. Let’s now explore the pros and cons of renting storage buildings.

    The Pros

    Below are the pros of going for rental storage buildings:
  • Unlimited Access: This benefit is the same as you enjoy by buying a storage unit. Several rental storage units offer unlimited and anytime access to your stored items. This means that you can access them as you please. You can also add items or take a few out as and when you like. You can access them anytime with a key code and a key. This is how it is much like having your own garage or basement even if your residence is a small block in an apartment with no storage space. You can easily organize items well with shelves. However, it is recommended checking this facility prior to choosing a rental option. This is because not all rental storage buildings are open 24 by 7. Obviously, you would not like to experience frustration if you cannot access what is needed at the right time.
  • Instant Additional Space: With even one of the used storage buildings on sale, you not only get additional space but an instant space too for storing things quickly. By renting, you get temporary storage space, which you can keep with you for as long as you want. You have just gifted additional space to yourself for storing items that you do not require at present but still wish to hold. Storage buildings are available in a variety of sizes. So, you will have to identify your belongings and their dimensions to rent a structure of the most accommodating size. Doing so will help in utilizing all the space and fit all small as well as long items. By renting additional storage space, you also can free up home space by storing rare items or least used items such as ski gear and games of kids who are now teens. This can help your home look neat and uncluttered.
  • Reliability: Rental storage buildings are safe. They safely lock up your items in the unit itself. Apart from that, depending on the company you choose, many storage buildings come with strong security features such as a sign in and sign out system. Such a feature ensures that your belongings are safe and secure. The storage unit on rent is also well protected against the harsh elements of the environment. Unlike a brought unit or a garage, a rental unit is more liable to protect your belongings against mildew, moisture, rain, insects, mice, snow, and rust. This is something that you need to check out and ensure if you choose to buy a storage unit. In that case, you might easily get the same level of protection.
  • Insurance: This benefit extends the benefit of reliability. Several storage facilities come with proper insurance coverage for your items stored inside. This means that in the unlikely event, if they are harmed while inside, you shall be covered. This encourages you to store even valuable or precious items. If yes, then look for a provider who offers this facility.
  • Time and Cost Savior: Renting a storage building simply frees you from the burden or hassle of moving your items from one place to another within the same region. At the same time, it takes up your responsibility of taking care of your belongings. You can opt to hire the storage space for as long as you require it. It is now possible to save money for storing for a longer time, as a few rental providers offer a good discount if you keep belongings for a longer period. Moreover, as compared to purchasing, renting a storage unit occurs at a significantly lower price. You just pay for the required space and stop paying it anytime.
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    The Cons

    No product in this world is without cons or limitations. Even the most useful product has limitations. The cons for renting a storage building tends to surface while placing a few belongings becomes out of sight, which becomes an integral part of one’s life. Here are the limitations of rental storage buildings:
  • Difficulty in Finding: While renting a storage unit is ideal for instant storage during the transitional time, arguably it can be tough at times to find one such facility. Due to the rising demand, there are chances of not getting a rental facility nearby your property. So, it is unwise to think that you will instantly get a rental storage unit on the same day when you are in need. It is wise to think and choose one such unit in advance.
  • Transporting Cost: This is something that the rental price always excludes. So, when you consider the overall rental cost, do add the cost of transporting to the rental building as well. At times, improper planning of moving your belongings to the storage unit can be a hassle. This is especially true when you do not have a suitable transport of your own you and need a professional service to do this every time. So, it is always better to choose a nearby rental building.
  • Possibility of No Upfront Safety: There is no doubt that most rental storage buildings have modern and latest security measures, including CCTV cameras, temperature controllers, and biometric locks. However, these measures may not be the default ones. Unless you explicitly choose for a temperature controlled unit that is pricier than the one which is not, your belongings shall be exposed to the extremely wavering temperatures during the year. This puts safety at risk, as your items may be such that they expand and contract with temperature. In other words, you may have to request specifically for one or more of these measures. Despite being safeguarded from burglaries, the rental storage buildings are not totally safe if you just choose a unit without knowing about the security measures. So, it is essential to talk face-to-face with the owner and know everything, right from the type of padlocks to surveillance and control systems they use. Although most units will have them, it simply assures you if you ask.
  • Possibility of No Included Insurance: It is unwise to assume that insurance is an inherent part of your rental building contract. This is because not all rental owners would do so. Just as for security measures, you would have to explicitly confirm it. You will have to ensure that the coverage is there to protect you in case of an unexpected catastrophe.
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