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15 Mistakes People Make with Rent to Own Sheds

Rent to own storage sheds are ideal for those who are tired of making incessant rental payments to a shed located at a distant place from their home. They bring much more convenience than the rental sheds.
With just a small down payment, the storage shed of your choice is installed at the desired location. After that, you just pay a fixed amount per month until the term of the contract. Once this term is over, you can willingly become the owner of the shed. In case you do not want to own it for any reason, it is fine to return the shed without any penalty. However, there are a few mistakes to check out for.

Why Know the Mistakes Happening with Rent to Own Sheds?

“Oh, I should have considered this before signing the contract for portable sheds rent to own.” “I wish I could have got that facility for my rent to own shed homes.” “I was unaware that this option was there for my rent to own amish sheds.” These statements are some of the disappointing experiences that buyers have while opting for rent to own storage sheds.
Don’t let them describe your experience. These statements are the outcomes of most common mistakes that people make with such sheds. It’s high time to be a shrewd buyer to avoid these mistakes and make the most of your sheds.
If you are considering sheds rent to own deals, you have a couple of things to consider. While paying a rental amount for a shed that will be yours in near future, there are concerns that needs serious attention. Most of these concerns arise out of the fact that many RTO sellers are deliberately vicious and may show no respect or care for your product or property. So, it is critical to save yourself from such vendors who contribute to scams in the RTO world.
It is essential to weigh the pros against the cons prior to taking a rushed decision. The minimum expectation from a shrewd buyer is to explore the basics before proceeding for sheds rent to own offers. You are already aware of the tales from people and news online.
It has become common to violate the terms and conditions or continue with the agreement without paying the monthly rental. The fact is that no certain way exists to get rid of all risks. However, chances are high for improving the likelihood of success by meticulous assessment. This is possible by identifying the mistakes happening from the buyer’s side and avoiding them.
Many times, several buyers tend to oversee a few critical decisions when it comes to rent to own sheds. This is the biggest mistake they end up making due to which they ultimately face disappointment and frustration despite choosing a shed of their own choice. However, simply focusing on the important considerations makes one avoid the snares easily and helps in taking the most suitable decisions for bringing the best shed as per the requirements.

The 15 most common mistakes with rent to own sheds

1. Under-evaluating the Storage and Other Requirements

Choosing one of the pre-built sheds rent to own offers with a shed not having enough storage space is perhaps the biggest mistake to make. Most buyers have to regret this mistake. This is because of the fact that it is easy to undervalue the storage requirements, especially when it comes to portable storage sheds rent to own programs.
Once you take such a shed through an RTO program, you may eagerly begin to store things inside. However, soon you recognize that the shed has no more space despite you having several more items to store. This means you did not pay attention to the major requirement although you managed to get more space.
Now, you will have to go back to the vendor and see whether you can change the shed as per the RTO contract. In many cases, this might be possible. However, what if it is not? So, to avoid wasting time and money in it, it is best to consider the right size. This is possible by calculating the dimensions of items to store. It is wise to go for always a bigger size than the actual requirement.
Consider making a list of items that will go inside the shed. Then, find out how much space they will need by noting their dimensions. While doing so, keep in mind that this list of items to be stored in the shed is likely to expand in the coming years. So, it is more beneficial to choose a storage shed that is slightly larger than what the present requirement. Alternatively, you can choose a shed that is extensible.

2. Overlooking the Instant and Future Needs

Okay, as a logical buyer, you may manage to get a shed of the right size. Although it is substantial, have you checked that it is strong enough to withstand the harsh elements for a long time? The rent to own storage shed looks excellent but how for long will it look so after a few years?
Insects, termites, spills, corrosion, and weather along with more damaging factors can badly influence the appearance as well as the stability of the storage building. Thus, it is rational, in fact important, to consider the environmental climate of the area where you live.
A storage shed is a valuable investment due to which it is necessary to ensure that it will withstand in all tough times. Choosing a wrong type of shed material may simply indicate additional maintenance and ironically a shorter lifespan of that asset. If you are in search of a long-lasting storage shed that demands least or minimal maintenance, go for a high-quality model that can adjust to the changing weather conditions.
In other words, it is essential to plan ahead such that the money that you are spending per month gives you most of your shed. One of the recommendations is to choose a future-proof shed. In simple words, you need to have a vision for a long term and think about the needs that you cannot compromise. You should also consider the expansion plans of future, which may affect the shed.

3. Not Checking the Reputation of the Vendor

It is possible for anybody to become an RTO shed vendor and promote the services online. Nevertheless, the customers need to know who the vendor actually is. Otherwise, there is no telling whether the chosen vendor is genuine or a fraud. So, how can you know whether the chosen vendor is genuine and reliable? Well, here are some ways to do so:
Check whether the Web site has correct contact details, detailed About Us and Privacy pages, and precise other such pages. There should be more than one way to contact the vendor and all should be verifiable.
Next, find out who are all involved in giving the service. Get to know the owner and look for the relevant details about him on Google. Check details such as qualifications, certifications, experience, and training levels. See their record, search for their own articles or blogs, and confirm their references. Check out the years of experience in this RTO business.
Check for rewards or accreditations the vendors or involved people have got.
Search some legitimate testimonials about the vendor.
See if the vendor is associated with any reputable institutions.

4. Contracting for Less

Not many of us know that an RTO program is highly flexible. This is why most of us end up accepting the program terms without bargaining for the best. Yes, it is possible to bargain for storage sheds rent to own deals. For example, you as a buyer can have a lower down payment or a monthly payment than what the vendor prescribes.
Another mistake most buyers make here is that they choose a standard pre-built shed. This is because they consider it to be the cheapest option. Well, they do not realize that such an option is making them sacrifice the benefits of customization. These days, it is easy to get a customizable wooden storage sheds rent to own deals at highly competitive rates.
So, it is easy to find such vendors who encourage customization through which you can transform the shed into the storage unit of your own choice. Once the style is chosen, you can easily choose the size, color, siding, number of windows and additional doors, shingle color, and shutter type.

5. Sticking to the Tendency toward the Cheapest Price

There is nothing wrong in looking for cheapest RTO deals. However, it is wrong to stick to it without comparing them with the offers of higher prices, provided your budget allows for it. At times, in the urge for the cheapest deal, we tend to miss the more useful benefits of having a deal of a higher price.
So, it is wise to find various storage sheds options covered in different RTO programs available in the market. You will find that many of them are available at low prices. However, do not succumb to this temptation. Be wise and find out what you are going to get at that low price.
Then, compare it with the pros of the deals charging a higher price. Similarly, compare the cons and find out which deal is better for you in terms of value and usage.
In short, do not primarily focus on the cheapest option while searching for the best price. Rather, look for those options that suit your requirements and then bargain for the rates. Just bear in mind that the cheapest price offer can be a headache for you. Thus, have a broad vision to consider the whole offer.

6. Accepting a Higher Monthly Payment than Usual without Interrogating

Mostly all RTO programs come with a down payment of at least 5%. It also has a premium payment of up to additional 5%. If your rent to own sheds deal quotes anything beyond 5% premium, it is recommended to ask the reason behind it. This is because every term in the contract should be justifiable. Nothing should be hidden or nothing should be there about which you as a buyer are unaware of.
In fact, even if the price quoted is usual, it is essential to ask how it was computed and what all components constitute it. For example, the monthly rental price might also include insurance and taxes.
Deals of rent to own sheds are lucrative only if they are executed as per proper planning. While there are many vendors who plan as well as execute well accordingly, there are a few who are just there to trap you. It is worth remembering that it pays to ask until conformity and clarity are 100%.

7. Ignoring the Need to Evaluate the Shed’s Condition

Well, it is not only the price that you should focus on. A wise buyer always considers the other important factors. These factors include the shed’s storage capacity, material, durability, and customization ability. They help you in determining how efficient the chosen shed shall be in the long run.
The fact is that most buyers do not consider it important to check the shed’s cabin before getting it through an RTO pogrom. This is why many of them get disappointed upon discovering that the chosen shed is not in a well-maintained state.
So, as an astute buyer, take a test drive prior to entering into a contract. Doing so aids in evaluating the condition of the shed along with its style, build, and facilities. With this, it becomes easy to find out the areas of repair or more maintenance. This shall finally aid in taking an informed decision of whether or not to choose that shed.

8. Failing to Check the Comprehensiveness and Professionalism of the Contract

It is not enough to simply read the contract, agree to them, and sign the document. A buyer is also required to check that all terms and conditions are covered in the contract. At the same time, it is essential to ensure that the document is created in a professional way, meaning all points are crisp and concise and that everything is disclosed. Otherwise, this is what paves the way for a fraud.
The most important clauses to check are price, duration, monthly rental, down payment, total purchase price, prepayment, and the exit clause specifying what should be done in case the buyer cancels to buy the shed at the end of the program.
You must also check for terms related to maintenance, repairs, and charges for delivery to your home. It is essential to include who will be responsible for repairs or maintenance. Moreover, a professional contract also includes the photos of the chosen shed.

9. Ignoring Customization

Okay, this might not be a mistake for those who are no interested in customizing their rent to own sheds. However, it is a mistake for those who want a shed of their own imagination. For example, if you need a shed with a slanting roof pitch and two doors, customization is essential. Now, missing this aspect is certainly a mistake.
At the time of choosing an RTO shed, keep in mind one thing: It not always true that you get what you see. In this case, there are several options available in addition for personalizing sheds and garages.

10. Not Considering the Way to Store

While making a list of items to be stored aids in selecting the right RTO program, knowing how to store them makes you choose the right kind of shed. So, it is equally important to be aware of how you will be storing your items. For example, you may prefer to have hanging options for showcasing your items rather than hiding them. In this scenario, a shed that comes with an additional wall space is required. In case you are fine to have cluttered stacks, a cupboard is a cost-effective option to choose.

11. Ignoring the Need to Consult an Attorney

Rent town sheds offers involve a lot of money that a buyer shells out per month throughout the term of the contract. Moreover, they are a bit difficult to understand as well as analyze from the productive viewpoint. In simple words, these deals tend to carry much risk for the buyers. The likelihood of risk of fraud is more for the buyers whose credit score is low or bad. Thus, it is recommended to consult an attorney and get the contract assess by her or him.

12. Failing to Consider the Local Building Laws

Whether it is a portable rent to own shed or a wooden rent to own shed, it is mandatory to consult the local council and know about the rules, regulations, and restrictions for buildings. Check out whether you need an approval from the local council for adding a new building in your area. The biggest benefit of fulfilling this requirement is that you can avoid any legal issue in the future. Further, you can curtail the expenses in case of limitations placed on the type of shed you need.
Many genuine vendors often help in handling the permit application process without charging any fees. However, this does not mean that a vendor who does not offer you this service is not genuine. However, it would be convenient to choose a vendor who helps you free of cost in this matter.
Look for the local regulations even before you start looking for rent to own storage sheds offers. Keep in mind that limitations can differ from one place to another. So, there is a probability that you may not need any approval prior to installing the shed. In many regions, the local rules are relaxing, which do not levy any regulations for some types of sheds, such as small garden sheds. Nevertheless, it is always safe to verify once.

13. Selecting the Wrong Location

It is essential to choose the most suitable location of installation or setting an RTO shed for making the best use of it. For choosing the right location, it is important to consider some factors in the order of their criticality. In this order, the factors are safety, convenience, looks, and lights.
The location that you choose should easily give access to your shed. At the same time, it should be safe enough to give a comfortable entry and exit with the stuff that you store. Similarly, the place should have ample of natural light so that you can see the items in the shed. However, the light should not be too much that it feels as if you are working in a furnace. Most people fail to consider one or more of these aspects while choosing the location.

14. Overlooking the Right Way of Installation

Once you choose a shed, it’s time to install or set it up at the chosen place. There are two ways to install a shed namely, by yourself or by the vendor. If you are planning to install it on your own, the shed needs to be not only easy to install but also well designed. However, the mistake happens at this point of time in the form of overconfidence.
Confidence should be coupled with exceptional customer service from the vendor and a talented and experienced installation team. Otherwise, it is overconfidence if there is no proper experience or skills for Do-It-Yourself (DIY).

15. Choosing to Import

Providers and dealers across the globe pay premium prices for several high-end sheds. This is because they are made of the finest quality. The makers overseas never miss an attempt to imitate these high-quality sheds but still they end up lagging in terms of quality. In short, avoid ordering from a foreign vendor at a cheap price, as most of the times, it gives an inferior product that shall not withstand harsh weather conditions.


Awareness is the key to get to the most appropriate rent to own sheds. It pays to be aware of the mistakes that buyers make while looking for the right RTO storage shed deal. After this, a buyer shall not face any disappointment but rather have confidence.

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