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Rent to Own Barns : 5 Reasons to Invest (and 2 Reasons Not to)!

More than half of homeowners are the owner of their own homes and seek for additional storage space. With the growing needs, it is obvious for the home space to fall short of storing things. More specifically, there are some special needs for looking for a storage space, including gardening, rearing, livestock, and farming. When such needs arise, it is not uncommon for barns and sheds to pop up across the region. However, the usage of barns is not restricted to just these three things.
Barns today are so sophisticated that they can even be your sweet little home. Right from guarded to air-conditioned units, likelihood is that you or somebody you know have already used a rented option. Well, renting a barn is reported by many as a costly option, just as buying a model outright can be.
So, even you feel that a commercial unit on rent is more expensive than predicted? Is paying a significant monthly rental affecting your budget? If yes, then the rent to own barns can be a better option, especially those that come with a minimal down payment.
These deals may appear to be much like a typical home sale offer grabbed with a traditional loan. However, they are just not ideal for all. They are for those who lack sufficient cash for buying a barn and do not wish to spend in rent for using for many years.

Understanding the Concept of Rent to Own (RTO)

Rent to own is a concept of selling and buying over time such that the buyer can buy that item in near future. In a traditional scenario, the purchase is instant or immediate after agreeing with the selling clauses.
On the other hand, RTO allows the two parties to sell in future but leaves the decision on the buyer to buy or not. Until that time, the buyer is like a renter who continues to pay some amount to the seller. By doing so, the buyer is reducing the amount needed to be paid for purchasing the item in future. This is exactly what happens when you go for rent to own barns, may it be rent to own pole barns or rent to own horse barns.

Working of RTO Offers

An RTO deal is available in the form of a program. A seller typically provides more than one such program, each differing in various terms but accommodating any model style or size. The full price of buying the barn gets divided into several installments, which are payable over a period of 24 to 60 months. The exact duration depends on the chosen program.
A buyer needs to make the down payment, which is the first payment. Generally, the earlier you pay the pending installments, the more you end up saving at the time of buying. For instance, an early payment can usually save 35% of the contract balance.

Salient Features of the Rent to Own Barns

Following are some notable features of rent to own storage barn buildings:
  • 100% Flexible: An RTO deal starts with a contract, which means both the parties show consent to some variable terms. Yes! These terms are changeable as per the recognized needs of both parties. It is valid to request for some features or amenities before agreeing with the clauses or terms, as per what is on priority or critical for both the parties. For example, you make bargain for a less down payment if it would assist you in making your life easier.
  • The Liberty to Own: Regardless of whether you choose from rent to own pole barns, rent to own horse barns, or rent to own barn homes, you pay a premium. This is generally 5% of the final buying price but is subject to change. This means it can be either higher or lower. Despite its volatile nature, it gives the buyer the right to own the barn in future.
  • No Obligation: While the renter or buyer can own the barn in future, it is not at all mandatory to do so. Yes! The buyer can withdraw his decision of buying the barn anytime without any fees or penalty.
  • Tailored Price: The contract reveals the agreed purchase price by both the parties. As per the negotiations, the buyer has the right to purchase the barn home at that price in near future. This is typically between one to six years and is regardless of the barn’s actual worth. It is usual to have a price that is higher than the existing one. The logic is that the seller is persuaded to ignore the benefit of selling the barn immediately. If the value of the selected barn increases at a pace that is more than what was estimated, it is in the favor of the buyer. Otherwise, the buyer may choose not to buy, as it may seem insensible or it might be tough to get a profitable loan.
  • Monthly Cash Outflow: A buyer or renter needs to pay per month just as if it is a rent. Actually, they are rental expenses, as the buyer is not the owner while the seller. It is common for a buyer to pay a bit more per month. This additional sum is credited to the set buying price. This is how the amount to be paid for buying the barn is reduced.
  • Non-refundable Pay: The additional rental amount that a buyer pays is always non-refundable. Well, this is for a reason. The additional pay reimburses the seller for waiting to see the response of the buyer at the end of contract; whether buyer will buy or not. At the end, the vendor can’t take any action for the property until the contract with the buyer ends. Virtually, a bigger premium payment raises the buyer’s risk. This is because if the rent to own barn deal does not take place no matter what the reason is, the money paid is not going to come back. This means that the seller keeps all premium payments once the deal is over or contract terminates.
  • Involved Legal Guidance: A rent to own barn deal inherently is of a complex nature. Further, it involves a lot of money. This means these offers involve a significant degree of risk for the renters. Due to these aspects, it is wise to have a real estate attorney assess the contract. It is not uncommon for scams to take place in such deals. These scams are likely to attract those who have poor credit coupled with high intents for buying a new barn or shed. Even if one manages to get a genuine or honest vendor, chances of losing a lot of money are always there if planning and execution do not match.
  • Tailored Maintenance Terms: A barn that is nicely taken care of or maintained makes an appeal to anybody. Well, the tricky part is that who will pay for that maintenance. This means that the contract needs to state who shall be responsible for routine maintenance including the repairs. It is fine for the contract to state that the renter or buyer shall pay for any repair or maintenance that is under $500. Nevertheless, the local regulations can state that the owner shall give some facilities no matter what the contract says.
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    5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Rent to Own Barn Homes

    It is true that the rent to own barns are more beneficial than those on rent. However, this does not prove that they are the best. What makes them best depends on how they fulfill your requirements or suit your needs. Here are 5 such reasons that tend to make them the best for the people for whom these reasons are what they seek the most.

    Reason 1: No Need to Pay Full

    Many of us lack sufficient cash for buying a big or medium barn. So, they keep looking for offers for saving as much cash as possible. This is something the rent to own programs offer. In fact, one of the biggest convincing reasons for opting for an RTO barn is that there is no need to pay the full price at the time of signing the contract.
    Instead, the price that is agreed by both the parties is split into several installments payable per month and includes some interest as well. So, the RTO offers are for those who are paying rent for a storage unit without any chance of owning it or recovering the rentals. However, an RTO deal offers both the chances when the rental contract terminates.
    It becomes possible for a renter to lock in the purchase price. It is a fact that the prices of storage barns are rising. To make this trend an opportunity, a buyer can opt to purchase at the current price in the future or simply cancel the deal if the prices fall. Still, the total amount paid shall help in deciding whether the withdrawal is sensible.

    Reason 2: No Focus on Bad Credit

    This is the most appealing reason for those whose credit score is low or inadequate to get a traditional loan to buy a good barn. Those who just cannot get a loan because of their low credit score can effortlessly purchase a storage barn, pole barn, horse barn, or a barn home through an RTO program. Meanwhile, they can work hard to increase their score so that it becomes possible to get a loan when it is time to buy the chosen barn.
    Most loan lenders perform a hard credit inquiry, which negatively affects the present credit score. This is done to check whether the borrower is a good applicant or not. Thus, no inquiry from an RTO vendor does not influence the credit score at all.

    Reason 3: Catering to Several Storage or Extra Space Seekers

    Rent to own horse barns, rent to own pole barns, or rent to own home barns make an appeal to several space seekers. These are either short-term seekers or better self-storage alternative lookers.
    The former ones are usually those who need an extra storage space for some time. So, an RTO program proves to be a feasible alternative to the rental one option in terms of both money and time. These seekers do not have time to spend for rental options due to insufficient time or lack of money. Most of these seekers are the ones that are shifting to another place.
    The seekers of good self-storage alternatives are the ones who intend for some better facilities. The RTO programs make a barn of the same size and design available for the same money, which would now be in their own yard. In some months, they would be the owners.

    Reason 4: No Buying Obligation but Test Drive Possible

    This is the biggest freedom a buyer can enjoy in rental programs. A buyer can use the barn, stay in it, and take care of it. At the end, if the buyer finds that the barn is not fine, it is perfectly fine to cancel the contract and avoid buying the barn. A buyer can stop making the payment and return the barn without answering any question. It is not mandatory to go for the next payment.

    Reason 5: No Penalties for Missing a Monthly Payment or Paying Early

    With an RTO offer, it is fine to miss a monthly rental. For this, there is no need to pay any penalty. This means that no hard feelings exist. At the same time, there is no influence on the credit score.
    Although the payments are decided, it is fine to pay before time. Doing so for repaying a loan triggers a penalty. However, for an RTO offer, there are no charges or penalties. In fact, paying early significantly brings down the ultimate purchase price. So, it is beneficial to pay prior to the contract’s expiry.

    2 Reasons to Not Choose a Rent to Own Barn

  • Sufficient Cash to Buy: If you have enough cash to buy and wish to keep the building, it is better to buy it instantly. This is a more affordable option than an RTO one.
  • Good Financing Rate: If you can get a good loan rate for buying the shed, it is a better choice.
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