Portable Building Prices

Tiny homes have become a trend in estate housing recently. A lot of people are now into building and owning their tiny homes because it is more affordable and convenient. With the spring of tiny houses also comes the trend for portable buildings. In this post we look at the porable building prices for the current year.

Portable building is a demountable or transportable type of house primarily designed to become movable instead of being permanently situated in a certain area. The process of moving a portable building is by carrying it through a huge lorry and slinging it on and off through a crane.

Acquiring a portable building also comes along with a list of portable building prices that you can choose from. Having your own portable building can now be achieved through the services of various portable building service providers.

Portable building prices also depend on the set of standard features that is being offered. The standard features usually come with a metal roofing, floor joists, floor finish, garage flooring, smart side siding, trusses, urethane weather coating, and standard double doors.

It is also important to note that portable building prices depend on the design of portable buildings. Below is the list of examples of portable building designs:


  • Lofted barn cabin
  • Center lofted barn cabin
  • portable garageSide lofted barn cabin
  • Side lofted barn
  • Center cabin
  • Lofted barn garage
  • Utility building
  • Side utility
  • Playhouse
  • Cabana
  • Cottage sheds
  • Backyard sheds
  • Mini barn
  • Tiny house

In addition, the portable building prices are also depending on whether you are buying it or simply renting the building. Therefore, it is also essential for you to consider the range of prices portable building service providers offer since prices may vary.

To give you a better idea with the current list of portable building prices in 2017, take a look at Derksen portable building prices based on the type of portable buildings they offer.

  • Standard Barn – This varies whether it is treated, painted, used with urethane or used with metal. Prices for this type of portable building ranges from $1,900 to $3,400 depends on the size you choose.
  • Lofted Barn – Like the standard barn, lofted barn also has various options such as a treated lofted barn, painted lofted barn, urethane-made lofted barn, z-metal lofted barn, and metal barn. It doesn’t require a standard window size, so the customer can decide the size he or she wants.

There are more size options for the lofted barn, hence there are more price options to choose from. They vary based on the size, type of lofted barn, and the monthly installments. Prices vary from $2,200 to $16,200.

  • Deluxe Cabin – This type of portable building they offer also comes in treated, painted, urethane, and z-metal options. It has a five-year warranty, so you are guaranteed with its functionality and condition. Prices of deluxe cabin vary from $7,300 to $12,100.
  • Cottage Shed – Like the rest of the types of portable buildings they offer, cottage shed can be bought through either 36 months or 60 months monthly installments. Starting price for cottage shed is $2,200 and highest price is $6,200.
  • Cabana – Aside from the typical types of portable buildings, they also offer an addition-type of building that can easily be installed beside your homes. Their cabanas only come in treated finish with high quality dimensional shingles.

The sizes for cabanas vary from 10×12 to 12×20. The prices if you decide to            purchase one ranges from $2,800 to $5,500. Whereas, the prices if you choose the rent-to-own option ranges from around $130 to $255.

  • Playhouses – They also offer playhouses that come in two designs, Victorian and Hideout. What kids will love about this is the wide array of color selections from pink, almond, tan, clay, taupe, brown, green, barn red, light gray, dark gray, mahogany urethane, driftwood urethane to chestnut urethane.

Prices ranges from almost $3,000 to almost $4,000 with 8×12, 10×12, and 10×16    size options.

portable building

Furthermore, keep in mind that portable building prices can vary depends on the house features you choose. Portable building services will provide you a list to choose from.

You can choose the size and type of the front door, garage door, and window you want. There are options like solid door, fiberglass double door, and roll up garage door.

You better be smart when choosing the type of portable building you want. You need to first consider what you truly need that will provide you the convenience that any portable building is supposed to have.

Of course, you should also be smart when choosing the portable building service provider. Look at what they offer and check if they have warranties, free deliveries, free setups and amazing prices. If not satisfied, consider a rent to own option.

You can also ask about their payment options such as rent-to-own and option to buy. After all, owning a portable building is such a great investment.