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Choosing or Building the Best Motorcycle Storage Shed: 5 Things to Consider

A motorcycle, just as a car, is a valuable asset that demands proper and frequent maintenance. Just like any motorized device or vehicle, motorcycle is also prone to damage regardless of how frequently its owner use it. This is true even if the vehicle is not in use. Motorcycles are affected not only by wear and tear but also by outdoor elements such as humidity and coldness. Thus, one needs to store motorcycles properly and retain its smooth functionality for long. A good motorcycle shelter is necessary.
Well, the fact is that motorcycle storage can be troublesome unless luckily there is a garage. This statement for most people means considering an adjacent road or a garden as motorbike storage solutions. Well, this exposes the vehicle to harsh elements as well as to thieves. Luckily, if there is no garage, there are outdoor motorcycle shelters to consider, which are in the form of sheds or tents.
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Keter Factor 8x6 Large Resin Outdoor Shed
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Common Motorbike Shelter Options

Storing a motorcycle outside or chaining it on the road are just infeasible options. At least, it is required to store it inside or in a cabin or shed away from too much dust as well as moisture. You can store the vehicle in a corridor of your home where the traffic is least or contributes to little or no interference. Otherwise, a motorcycle garage is a reliable option. However, it needs to be raised from the ground.
In case there is no space inside, it is a creative option to build an enclosure using different sizes of cardboards. This enclosure can easily fit in the porch.

Why Consider a Dedicated Outdoor Motorcycle Storage?

Indoor options are plenty but they may not be ideal or reliable for all householders. They are likely to spoil you for convenience that is in disguise at times. Several in-house options demand shelves, hooks, and/or racks, which are easily accessible via hardware stores. They might also need some tweaks. Nevertheless, the itinerants or space savers shall always prefer an effortless motorcycle storage option.
While we all invest significantly in bikes, we only become responsible for its damage due to rough or unsmooth storage organization inside. We can soon come to know about this damage in terms of broken or cracked corners, scratched zones, and lack of proper walking space. When these signs surface, you may be inclined towards outdoor storage.
At times, the situation can force you to store the motorcycle outside your home. Despite the home being an astute edifice, family members may find the idea of storing the vehicle inside somewhat irritating. Another situation is where there is no garage at all for storage.
Therefore, in these cases, the only ideal option is to choose a motorcycle storage shed. Rather than leaving the cycle exposed to the chilly weather or scorching sun, it is better to choose a shed to protect it from the harsh environmental elements.
Leaving the vehicle out without any cover or storage makes it prone to quick damage. After all, just as a child, your cycle needs love and proper care if it needs to serve you for several years to come. The sun’s heat shall dampen the bike’s tire and degrade its plastic. Similarly, keeping the motorcycle out quite frequently for long time in the evenings can lead to corrosion of different parts.
Rather a lock-n-chain in-home storage option, a motorcycle storage shed is a safer option. The former is not strong protector from the wicked outsiders who are just looking for a robbing opportunity. However, the latter is where these incidences shall never arise.
Another reason why an outdoor storage option for motorcycles is ideal is to make more space inside. You may live in a small villa, hostel, or home where space is of utmost importance. Therefore, cramping any corner or space here is intolerable.
In short, proper storage is a necessity for a motorcycle if you wish it to remain functionally active even after a long storage period. It prevents all issues that may arise due to such a storage period. Following are a few benefits of most suitable motorcycle storage:
  • Security: A proper storage option takes full care of security of a motorcycle, as it is mostly enclosed as well as lockable. As a result, intruders are always disappointed. It is even better to use the motorcycle provider’s services, as they know much more than what we are aware of. The providers tend to improve security through their 24-hour surveillance process.
  • Preserved Functionality: Rust and dust can reverse the smooth functioning of a motorcycle. A proper storage solution tends to prevent both these elements from entering into a motorcycle. Similarly, it safeguards from bad weather, particularly during those cold days and nights. While in storage, the vehicle is covered fully for protection against these elements. Further, motorcycle is well serviced via the services of the provider, which means that all its parts are well-maintained and kept safe from corrosion via lubrication. This shall wear and tear away.
  • Preserved Age: Just as humans, motorcycles also tend to age sooner than usual due to the rays of the sun. The sunlight results in fading some parts of the vehicle. However, a shed prevents this from happening. Similarly, it prevents the harsh effects during winter. So, the effects of contraction as well as expansion are regulated due to which the vehicle remains as it was at the time of its storage.

Buy or Build a Motorcycle Storage Shed: Which One to Choose?

Unless there is a general-purpose or motorcycle garage, chances are high that are looking for a motorcycle shed. Nothing seems to be better than having a single covered location for storing and protecting your bike and its gear from a variety of risks. A shed can factually change everything about preserving a motorcycle or a motorbike, as it takes up the pain and hassle of taking care of the vehicle without involving you during the storage period.
Well, you have two options for a shed: Build it or buy it. Therefore, you have to decide whether you should go ahead and build one as per your choice or invest in a ready-made one with a prebuilt setup. Both the options have their own pros and cons, which you need to know for making an informed choice.

Erecting Your Own

Initially, creating your own motorcycle storage shed may seem to be most appropriate idea. This is because you shall obtain a complete control over the shed, its dimensions, its materials, construction time, and over its place of installation. In short, there are many points that one tend to like about building one’s own storage model.
For people with the basic building skills, funds to collect the materials, and with proper time to give; this one seems to be the most exciting option. Moreover, a significant feeling of pride is associated in building a shed with many customizations. Actually, the possibility of different customizations is endless.
However, each benefit of this option is somewhat a double-edged sword. This is because you will have to fetch more time from your busy schedule and put in efforts for building your own cabin or shed. This can be challenging if you wish to build it least possible time. Further, this option is a bit costlier than investing in a commercial option considering the tools you need and the effort you put.

Buying a Motorcycle Shed

If you choose to buy a motorcycle or motorbike storage shed, you are likely to save more time and money than building your own. You also get rid of investing in building tools and efforts. The modern motorcycle sheds come without any hassles for those whose dream is to have a shed instantly without any issue.
It is also easy to find the most suitable motorcycle shed option, which is fully open to any kind of customization. Although more affordable than building your own, a commercial model is not always cheaper. This is because these models are available in a variety of price ranges. It all depends on which one is most suitable for you.

Motorcycle Storage Shed Options

There exists an assortment of motorcycle storage options in the market. Following are these options:
  • Wooden Motorcycle Shed: Is the most basic option and is available at cheap rates in most stores dedicated to garden care. Wooden sheds usually shall not require a planning or construction permission from the authorized local government body. These sheds protect a motorcycle from the worst environmental elements. However, they are yet not the best options, as they are prone to termites and require frequent maintenance.
  • Metal Motorcycle Shed: Is a similar alternative to wooden cabins. Several brands offer metal motorcycle sheds that are typically made using lasting stainless steel. With a lock, these models are perhaps the most secure options. They also give maximum protection from dust and moisture. On the other side, these sheds can be quite expensive, with a minimum price exceeding $900. In most standard metal sheds, you may come across narrow doors but this is not an issue for metal sheds specifically made for motorcycle storage. These dedicated models feature wide double doors for allotting ample of space for rolling the motorcycle in and out. It is a fact that dedicated motorcycle sheds come with more powerful security than the standard models. Many of them have extensive security mechanisms to clamp the vehicle to the floor for making it tough to take away the bike for the thieves.
  • Plastic Storage Shed: Is another alternative option that sits between the costly metal motorcycle sheds and cheap wooden ones. Plastic sheds are cheaper than metal as well as more secure and longer lasting than wood. However, they are incapable of imposing much hurdles against a determined burglar. This is why valuable bikes remain in dedicated metal sheds.
  • Motorcycle Storage Tent: Is an ideal option for those who are looking for a portable shed. These tents make an appeal to travelers and adventure seekers.
In case there is space restriction or do not have any lawn space for storing any kind of shed, you can consider renting a shed. This might be useful if you are not going to use the motorcycle for several days or months.
These providers on rental basis store motorcycles until the fuel tank remains empty so that the risk of fire is minimum. They shall store your motorcycle in a humidity-regulated environment. You can enjoy a variety of additional services such as pickup, special security, frequent maintenance, and insurance options.
Obviously, with these services, renting a storage space can end up being a costlier affair than buying or building your own. However, on the flip side, the benefit of choosing these services the bike shall remain safe from all probable troubles. In short, safety is maximized in this case.

Permanent or Portable Motorcycle Storage Shed: Which One to Choose?

Well, your choice shall depend on your exact needs or requirements. With several options in the today’s market, it can quite confusing or even irritating to choose the best motorbike storage shed from the available assorted collection.
However, it is possible to classify these diverse sheds into two broad categories namely, permanent and portable. Regardless of the amount of motorcycle storage sheds available in the market, a shed is either portable or permanent. Each of these options has their own pros and cons. Therefore, it is essential to weigh these pros and cons against your requirements, expectations, and budget, and then choose the one that makes perfect sense.

Portable Motorcycle Storage Sheds

A portable motorcycle shed is specifically for the home movers. Portable sheds also appeal to those who are looking for a temporary storage solution. For example, these people are those who keep shifting from one place to another while traveling. Such a shed is strikingly versatile and easy to construct or expand.
These sheds are usually more affordable than a fully blown permanent shed. Further, they come with more than 3/4th of the same features of the permanent structures. This means you can enjoy almost all major features at much less than half the price.
Portable sheds are made using materials that are similar to tarp and quite supple frames. The assembly is not time consuming, as it takes only a few hours. However, you are ensured of lightweight and highly maneuverable motorbike shed for relocating with expediency.
However, no materialistic item is free of cons, not even portable sheds. The actual issue with portable sheds is that they might not be well prepared to face very critical weather conditions. Another issue is that anybody can break into it, this badly affecting the safety and security aspects. Well, these are the serious limitations, which you ought to consider prior to saving a few dollars. Despite these drawbacks, many householders prefer a portable motorcycle shed for their home or traveling area.

Permanent Motorcycle Storage Sheds

As the name suggests, the permanent storage sheds are designed for being installed forever in targeted location around your home. These sheds are super secure and extremely resistant to even the most critical weather conditions. This means that a permanent shed shall keep your bike rolling throughout the year. People residing in cold regions often choose a permanent motorcycle sheds. However, even those who do not prefer the limitations of portable sheds go for this option.
Speaking about the cons, the obvious limitation is that a permanent shed takes much time as well as effort in construction. Further, it is always costlier than portable ones.

5 Factors to Consider for Choosing the Right Motorcycle Storage Shed

To avoid confusion or frustration at the time of choosing the right motorcycle shed, it is best to know the requirements thoroughly. As per the requirements, the choice of a shed shall vary greatly. For example, choosing a shed for office area differs greatly from choosing a motorbike shed for home.
Similarly, less space shall demand a compact shed, while a good amount of space can easily fit a big one to store more than one motorbike. Because you know your requirements, you can now select the right shed. However, in case these requirements or factors affecting the selection are not known before hand, it can be overwhelming and truly irritating to choose the right shed. Here are these factors to consider:

Factor 1: Your Set of Needs

A consumer always has some needs for buying an item. Nobody shall buy anything just like that. There might be only one purpose of buying an item but it may also fulfill some more requirements as well. When it is the matter of buying a motorcycle storage shed, it is vital to take into account these other requirements.
For example, would you need some left space after putting the vehicle inside the shed for storing some more items beside it? Well, this can be garden tools or just extra items from the house. If yes, then you need a spacious shed that can accommodate all items. After all, investing in a single big motorcycle storage shed is better than investing in two or three small sheds.

Factor 2: Area of Available Space

Even before you start looking for the variety of motorcycle sheds available in the market, it is wise to check out the amount of space that you can dedicate to a storage. It is recommended taking the measurements of the area prior to knowing the different options. After all, space should be sufficient to accommodate the shed you choose. When you know the area’s dimensions, you can swiftly eliminate the too big or too small options.

Factor 3: Shed Size

For every dedicated space available, there is a perfectly fitting motorcycle storage shed. In other words, you can easily find the right shed size that can fit within the dedicated space. While there are variety of sizes, selecting the most suitable size is dependent on three factors namely, the number of motorcycles to store, available space area, and budget.
As a rule of thumb, a bigger shed shall be costlier than a smaller one. However, it should be noted that the prices of motorcycle sheds vary significantly even as per the material, building process, and brand. Despite this, the number of motorcycles to be stored and area of space shall help you in choosing the right size. For storing only two bikes, why would you go for a shed that can store five? A shed measuring 6’ x 3’ in area can accommodate more than a single motorcycle.
At the time of measuring the shed, it is critical to account for the additional space required for removing or putting in the vehicle without any disturbance or jam along the way. Nobody would like to scratch or damage the vehicle due to lack of sufficient space while removing or putting it back. Moreover, you may need more space in the shed for storing gear related to motorbikes such as a helmet and hand gloves.

Factor 4: Flooring

A shed for storing motorcycles can be with or without a floor. However, it is recommended to have a floor for better security and safety. A raised wooden floor is essential for blocking the moisture from beneath. At times, having a concrete slab is a better approach for safeguarding the bike from floor’s moisture.

Factor 5: Assembly

Well, the shed that you choose should be easy to assemble. However, not all would consider how easy the assembly is. For example, the buyers of permanent models would not be much bothered with it, especially if the vendor is giving a free installation service.
If you are about to invest in a permanent motorcycle storage shed, it makes sense to consider whether you need to assemble or whether it is fully readymade. Similarly, in case you are inclined towards a portable model for traveling such as for mountaineering or camping trips, it makes sense to know how easy it is to assemble as well as de-assemble.
Thinking rationally, buyers of portable models would prefer a storage shed that assembles in just a few minutes instead of in a few hours. At the same time, the shed is not very fiddly or complicated.

7 Best Motorcycle Storage Sheds When You Are On A Budget

For motorcycle owners, one of the essential tasks for maintaining the bike in good condition is to store it well. This required a shed, cover, or some kind of strong shelter. No, it is not necessary to have a garage; it is not the only option!

When there is not enough space for a garage, you have the option of a motorcycle shed to consider. It is designed to protect your motorcycle from theft and weather elements apart from maintaining it clean and tidy.

Recently, there has been a sharp rise in the demand for these storage sheds. Different types of storage sheds for motorcycles are available on sale. This makes it challenging for you to choose the best shed when each one of them seems to come out with flying colors despite tough competition.

Moreover, a motorcycle shed buyer can spend either economically or luxuriously. To help you choose the shed that best fits your requirements and budgets, here are the top 7 sheds reviewed for those who are on a tight budget and the top 4 premium sheds for those who can spend lavishly.

Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Shelter

This portable motorcycle shed proves that there is no need to own a garage just for storing a motorcycle. It is made to last for a very long time, if not a lifetime. This is evident from its heavy-duty build.

The powder-coated frame is made using strong, heavy-gauge steel, due to which it is resistant to corrosion, rust, chipping, and peeling. Rust resistance is taken care of by the powder coating on the frame. Along with the metal joints, it gives you a stable shelter, especially required amidst high winds.

Covering the frame and giving reliable shelter is its tightly-fit fabric or canopy of very strong polyethylene. This material is known to exhibit great resistance to water, fading, and ultraviolet rays, although some users say that it does not resist these rays completely. Nevertheless, you can expect your bike to remain protected from the harsh external elements.

Another commendable feature of this motorcycle shed is its rollup door with a zipper. This means that you can quickly put the door down for full protection when it is raining or snowing. This also protects your belongings from theft. When not required, you can completely detach the door.

Designed as a motorcycle cover, it effortlessly collapses into a compact product that you can then carry anywhere or simply store it. There is no need to have special skills to assemble this shed before using it. The included instructional manual is enough for you to set it in around 30 minutes.

You can use the same shelter for storing a bike, toys, garden and lawn equipment, firewood, and home tools. This is a bonus!


  • Easy to assemble

  • Portable

  • Heavy-duty construction

  • Strong zippers

  • No rusting, peeling, or corroding

  • Versatile


  • No vents

  • Very hot in summer

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Keter Factor 8x6 Large Resin Outdoor Shed

Looking for a shed looking as strong as a small garage but not as dark as it? If yes, this Keter shed can be your choice. This taupe or brown motorcycle shed safeguards your bike just like that of a garage and keeps it lit through the window that allows much natural light inside. With it, you simply never get to ender a dark and musty shed!

It is built with the help of heavy-duty polypropylene resin that is resistant to rusting, rotting, and peeling. The former two are easily resisted, as the material cannot absorb water. The reinforcement of steel and plastic materials add to its durability.

The overall construction makes this shed weather-resistant, UV-protected, and waterproof. The heavy-duty resin makes this shed strong enough to withstand the different types of harsh elements in various climates. However, while it can withstand strong winds, its roof may not be able to endure high-category storms, according to some users. However, this can be avoided by securing it with ropes.

Unlike many other sheds, this one comes with tactically positioned vents due to which you are ensured of good airflow. There are also two shelves with adjustable brackets within this storage unit, which is where you can store your riding accessories and gear.

Another unique and adorable feature of this shed is its set of lockable doors. Due to the locking system, you are ensured that no unauthorized access is granted to the motorcycle and gear stored inside.

Unlike the Abba Patio shelter, this one would take three to six hours for assembly. However, once assembled, you can store not only motorcycles but also patio furniture, garden tools, and lawn mowers.


  • Heavy-duty construction

  • Easy to assemble

  • Lock system

  • Natural light and ventilation, meaning less or no maintenance

  • Waterproof

  • No rusting, peeling, denting, or corroding

  • Versatile


  • Cannot withstand category 4 hurricanes

  • Need help for assembly

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ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box

This shed from ShelterLogic seems to be more of a tent and less of a motorcycle shed. However, this is sturdier than most tents. It is a small but sturdy back-country shed, especially useful for enjoying extended stays in primitive regions where there is not much space.

It features an all-steel frame that makes this shed tough and durable. It has a premium powder-coated layer that keeps rust, corrosion, peeling, and chipping at bay. The triple-layer ripstop polyethylene canopy can withstand the harshest elements. It ensures reliable waterproofing and anti-UV behavior, as it is heat-sealed instead of stitched. In other words, it will not support moisture, aging, or fading and retain its sturdy look for years.

The inclusion of ShelterLock stabilizers ensures that the shed remains stable even in strong winds. There is also a Ratchet-Tite tensioning mechanism to ensure a neat but tight canopy. The white interior is such that it ensures illumination while you are looking for items inside.

Yes, the storage space is sufficient to accommodate garden tools, snow blowers, ATVs, and other items. Talking about its assembly, many users have felt it a painful task. However, it is recommended to take help from one more person to put up the shed. It is just not the task of one person alone.

The good news is that your installation is made easy by the cross rail system. Through it, you can square up and lock down the frames easily to ensure a great frame to fabric fit and quick adjustments later.


  • Available in different sizes

  • Lock system

  • No rusting, peeling, denting, or corroding

  • Great UV protection

  • Versatile


  • Not accurate installation instructions

  • No floor and lock system

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Suncast 6' x 8' Heavy-Duty Resin Storage Shed

This is a plastic shed but is a tough option to consider for your storage needs. Most people do not like a plastic shed for storing motorcycles because it usually does not provide full protection against harsh weather elements. However, this is not the case with this Suncast shed.

Being a plastic shed, it is light in weight. However, it is quite strong in construction. It is made using double-wall resin that is not only light and easy to maintain but also durable enough to resist damage occurring in wooden sheds.

This means that you need not worry about rotting and other effects of the toughest weather conditions. The metal-reinforced roof panels of shingle style are also strong. They can easily withstand heavy snow accumulation. There is also no leakage due to proper vents inside, unlike other plastic sheds.

The small windows on the door and skylights allow ample natural light inside for quick spotting of stored things. The reinforced floors are strong enough to hold the weight of heavy items and keep critters out.

The handles on the door have their locking mechanism extending to the ceiling from the floor. There is also dedicated space for a padlock to give only key-based access. This means you can expect great protection for your valuables inside.

Assembly is not at all painful or difficult. With a couple of tools and simple bolt technology, you can set the shed by yourself. Just ensure to do so on a level surface.

Coming to the storage space inside, it is enough to store bikes, ladders, and handheld tools.


  • Easy to assemble

  • Low-maintenance design

  • Sturdy floor

  • Naturally lit

  • Water resistance and UV protection

  • Vents included

  • Versatile

  • Good locking system


  • Not good instructions for setting the roof

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CarCapsule BB8F 8'

Looking for something fancy? If yes, this interesting bubble-shaped motorcycle shed can be your best pal. It is an inflatable car bubble that is in the market for more than 20 years to protect different bikes.

What is most interesting about this cover is its indoor technology of evaporative storage. Through this technology, the air inside cycles three to four times every hour, and the temperature remains consistent inside. This keeps moisture and condensation from forming inside away.

Due to this technology, there is no need of blowing it manually. The high-pressure fan is inside for this purpose, which uses an activated charcoal filter. It does not take even a minute to inflate and that the fan is quite energy-efficient due to which your monthly energy pay is simply not going to rise. It operates quietly, which means you would not get to hear the noise too.

The capsule features a sturdy frame and a dome for protection from accidental damage. It is made using PVC, an artificial plastic polymer that is retardant to flame and resists static and mechanical tears. This is commendable, especially while performing the motorcycle maintenance work inside this unit.

The basemat is PVC Tarpaulin that is resistant to abrasion, mildew, freezing, and flame and impervious to gas and oil. The heavy-duty nylon zipper keeps scratches and insects at bay.


  • Super easy to set

  • Quick inflation in just four minutes

  • Protection from harsh weather elements and critters

  • No moisture or condensation inside

  • Durable


  • No locking system; so only for indoor use

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Arrow Woodridge WR86 Storage Shed

Consider this motorcycle shed if you are a fan of wood and are looking for a large storage space. Enjoy the realistic wood-grain finish along with the longevity of electro-galvanized steel construction.

At the first look, you will be stunned at the coffee trim design giving a posh feel. Designed with a pretty woodgrain pattern, this storage unit is likely to complement almost any modern home. The horizontal siding is attractive in woodgrain, which along with coffee trim tend to accompany the outdoor environment.

It is a good choice for those living in a mid-sized home. The storage space is ideal for storing not only motorcycles but also power tools, mowers, cleaning supplies, and other outdoor gear.

If nothing else, you can store multiple bikes inside. You can organize all of them in such a way that it becomes easy to find. The credit goes to the shed’s tall walls, which provide easy access to any item inside.

This wooden shed is durable although it may seem flimsy. Its construction of galvanized steel makes it highly resistant to corrosion and rusting. It is also resistant to harmful UV rays due to the steel panels that also fight against harsh weather elements and critters.

This high-capacity shed also comes with pad-lockable sliding doors, which give you quick entry and exit. All of these safety features are commendable, particularly if you are residing in areas such as Louisiana or Florida, where the weather can be quite harsh at times.

The assembly is not that hard. You get all the essential assembly pieces that are pre-drilled and pre-cut. To avoid any hassle, just ensure to start on a leveled base.


  • Classic look

  • Easy assembly

  • Strong resistance to corrosion

  • Extreme weather endurance

  • Good locking system

  • 12-year warranty


  • Some assembly issues

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The Bike Shield Tourer (Large) Motorcycle Shelter

As the name indicates, this shelter shields your bike to expand its lifespan. This is regardless of the brand, which can range from Royal Enfield to Suzuki. This novel motorcycle garage cover is a self-enclosing unit acting as a cover and tent for your motorcycle to keep it protected against any kind of harm from rain, UV rays, and dust.

This shelter cover features a galvanized steel frame and a lasting cover coated with polyurethane. Specifically, it has 16 square galvanized pipes, galvanized lock, and galvanized cross plate to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

The fabric cover with a heavy polyurethane layer inside and water-repellent surface outside makes it durable and fully waterproof. The water-repellant process on the exterior is of the highest quality, which hardly fails in repelling water.

Overall, the construction material is such that it safeguards your bike from rains, strong winds, and UV rays. Even its mechanical parts, attractive chrome finish, and paint will remain intact under this shed. For extra security, you can lock the frame with the help of a padlock in case you feel the need to do so.

Another commendable feature of this shed is ventilation. Good airflow is ensured through windows on both sides. Due to no contact exhaust pipe, you simply need to park your motorbike after driving and cover it in only a couple of seconds.

Talking about the assembly, it is easy but you need to secure the shelter to the ground. You may not be able to assemble all alone; you may need one or two people for help.

Unlike garage-like shelters, this one is specially designed to hold just one motorcycle. Despite being small, there is enough room even after covering the bike. This means that it will not tear no matter how long your bike is!


  • Big and roomy

  • Quickest assembly (although doing alone is not recommended)

  • Waterproof

  • UV blocker

  • Ventilation

  • Locking system


  • Dust can creep in

  • Confusing instructions

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Top 4 Premium Motorcycle Storage Sheds

3 x 7 Asgard Sentry Bike Shed (With Bike Rack)


This Sentry shed from Asgard is for securing bikes and garden tools when there is not much space outside your home. Tall but with a small footprint, this shed can easily lodge two bikes and all gear related to the garden, patio, or backyard.

This shed allows using its internal space quite smartly. It allows suspending a motorcycle or bike on its included hanger and rolling another or a mower beside it. You can even hang helmets and add shelves for storing short gear.

What is even more impressive is the security feature of the Euro Cylinder locking system whose lock is resistant to pick and drill. It is a 3-point system with a strong deadbolt mechanism inside the heavy-duty door with a tamper-proof handle. In simple words, no unknown person can unlock it easily.

With thick steel walls, stable roof, thick floor, strong door, and a base bolted to the ground, this shed is almost impervious to attack. Moreover, the weight is such that it ensures stability, which is essential during high winds.

The shed features a metal base and a build of heavy-duty galvanized steel, which is weatherproof. This means your valuables inside will stay safe and dry. There are small ventilation holes under the roof eaves to allow air circulation inside and minimize condensation. Additional ventilation panels exist across the front.

Just like other sheds, this shed supports a variety of storage accessories like ladders, hooks, shelves, and bike racks.


  • Compact and tall

  • Weather-resistant

  • Rust-resistant

  • Ventilation

  • Upgradeable to store more gear

  • No maintenance required

  • 10-year warranty


  • Hardly any

Suncast Outdoor Vanilla 8 ft. W x 10 ft. D Plastic Storage Shed

This is a spacious, stylish-looking shed that provides sufficient space for storing motorcycles, ladders, power and handheld tools, and other outdoor supplies. Organizing all of them is simple. There are two adjustable shelves inside useable in different locations, giving you more storage space.

For entry, you would love the wide double doors that open to the sides. They make it smooth for you to move things in and out, regardless of their size or dimensions. Yes, even the jumbo items can be moved easily.

Unlike other sheds, this one comes with a reinforced floor of a resin material that is resistant to any kind of impact while moving or storing valuables. It is strong enough to bear the weight of even a tractor. The doors remain locked in place due to the lower and upper metal latches. The metal handles on the doors are pad-lockable to ensure additional security.

The multi-wall exterior is made up of steel-reinforced resin and is strong and durable. This classic shed also features metal-reinforced roof panels in shingle style. The wooden grain texture will not rust, rot, or decay at all. Further, atop, there are vented panels to ensure good airflow. There are six skylights to allow enough natural light inside.

Last but not the least, this shed protects your items from harsh weather elements such as wind, snow, rain, and even insects. All these features truly made this shed quite reliable and convenient to use.


  • Light

  • Spacious

  • Easy assembly

  • Water- and UV-resistant

  • Weather-resistant

  • Ventilation

  • Sufficient natural light

  • Easy maintenance

  • Versatile

  • 10-year warranty


  • Somewhat tedious to assemble

check best price on Amazon

Rubbermaid Big Max 6 ft. 3 in. x 4 ft. 8 in. Resin Storage Shed

This vertically large shed from Rubbermaid is somewhat additionally deep to accommodate hard, big items. You can store not only a motorbike but also small and long handheld tools, garden equipment, push mowers, and outdoor furniture although a riding mower will not fit. You can easily fit bicycles and push mowers straight inside without turning them even a bit.

This shed is really tough due to the double-wall construction designed for extra strength and longevity. The two layers protect your valuables from all harsh elements as well. This comes from the build material, a heavy-duty plastic resin that does not rot or rust and is maintenance-free, unlike wood sheds.

What this means for you is that it is resistant to not only weather elements but also leaks and dents. Not only the wall but also the floor is strong and durable. This is because it is made using a heavy-duty material that is highly resistant to impact, spills, and drops.

The double-door handles are lockable, which gives you additional security. Coming to the task of assembling, it is easy although you may need one more person for help. Some users have reported an uncomfortable assembly experience.

However, to avoid that, it is recommended installing on a totally flat surface and keeping the foundation ready. The wall anchor system is such that you can easily install the pegboard, shelves, and other accessories sold separately.

While there are no vents, the shed facilitates airflow. It is not that tight or sealed; much gap exists in side walls to roofs and doors, which ensure good airflow. However, if you are storing combustible products, it is wise to add some vents.


  • Easy to assemble, if done via the video on YouTube

  • Little or no maintenance unlike wooden sheds

  • Leak-, weather, and dent-resistant

  • Lockable

  • Versatile

  • Compatible with all Rubbermaid accessories

  • 10-year warranty


  • Lock not included

  • Somewhat flimsy door design

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SafeStore Gold ‘Allandale’ 6′ x 3′ Secure Bike Shed


According to Cycling World, the Allandale bike shed from SafeStore offers excellent security for premium bikes without taking much space. Even the Cycling Plus magazine has tagged it as the best bike storage unit. Well, these statements are enough for you to choose this made-in Britain shed.

Unlike other sheds in this post, this one is a horizontally wide shed and a vertically short one. The inner space is wide and broad enough to accommodate three bikes along with other gear hanging inside. There are also shelves inside to organize your gear well. So, if you do not want a long shed, this wide shed can be your best pal.

The shed is made using thick galvanized steel that is weatherproof. So, you can expect this shed to sustain well and protect your valuables during different seasons. The double doors and surrounds are reinforced to ensure durability, while the double-folded joints boost strength.

Just as some aforementioned premium sheds, this one also comes with the Euro cylinder lock system that accepts a lock resistant to drill and pick. However, unlike many other sheds, this one comes with a solid metal floor. This shed is shipped for free in Wales, England, and some areas of Scotland.


  • Wide design

  • Strong

  • Easy to assemble

  • Versatile

  • Good lock system

  • Choice of colors


  • May not sustain toughest weather elements


You seriously do not need garage space for storing your motorcycle. A good motorcycle shed is a way to go. Most of them offer full protection from the merciless weather elements and unauthorized hands. Wooden and metal sheds are considered the most secure ones and usually last longer than plastic models and compact tents.

However, nowadays, you can find improved plastic sheds ensuring more security than what you may have expected. Mobile or portable models are for those who seriously are unsure of keeping a shed at a fixed place. In short, choose your shed as per your requirements.

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