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12 Benefits of Corner Sheds You Did Not Already Know About

It is common to spot unutilized corners of a property. For example, there are external corners facing to the lawn of a home that seem to form a part of wasted space. To make optimum utilization of this space, a corner shed is perhaps the most recent trend in demand. Available in several variations such as corner shed 7×7, 8×8 corner shed, and corner shed 6×6, these sheds can transform an unutilized space into valuable storage place as well as add to the overall yard appeal.
For using a corner of a garden or lawn, every owner has a tailored angle. For example, for some, anything being installed there should have long surfaces and limited access. For some householders, these unused corners are suitable for creating play areas for kids. For the rest, those dull and boring corners are suitable for planting. However, installing a small corner shed or one of the most appealing corner garden sheds is a better way to utilize this space.

Overview of Sheds for Corners

Those who have some idea about these sheds may believe them to be a triangular shaped building made for perching into a corner. Well, the reality is that they have five sides, of which the front one appears much like half of a gazebo. Such a unit is likely to look much pretty in a yard. Using it not only gives more space for storing all mowers, tools and other stuff but also improve the overall curb appeal.
Perhaps, you may need a shed that can mix with the yard. Climbing vines can help in covering the unit’s front side by training a vine. In case of a privacy fence, you can paint the shed with the same color as of the fence. This is commendable, as it enables your vision to travel across the shed without actually noticing it.
You may alternatively go for one of the corner garden sheds. Such sheds are cleverly designed for acting as a striking architectural model or for blending with the background. While normal garden sheds are cute, the corner ones come with the additional benefit of appearing as a classic gazebo.
For making the chosen shed look less as a utilitarian building and more as an extension of your home, you can consider having windows on short walls that line the door. Such small details tend to make your shed more visually appealing.

Options for Corner Sheds

There are different types of sheds available for fitting into the corners outside your home. The most basic type is the standard shed to fit in corners. In this category, odd shaped sheds are most common.
As the name suggests, these sheds are such that they can fit into the area of a garden or yard. Therefore, these sheds can fit into almost any type of corner spaces. In other words, there is no need to be bothered about strange angles, especially if you custom build the corner shed.
Custom sheds are likely to fit any corner space just as a glove. Although it is more affordable to buy a standard size unit such as 7×7 corner shed or corner shed 8×8, it can be futile if it does not fit properly into the desired corner of your lawn or patio.
There are a few people whose yard or garden is not so big or lacks space to install a standard shed. This is the most common justification why people choose a corner shed. It makes no sense to have a big shed in the middle of a garden where there is not enough space. In this case, a shed in the corner is a feasible option to have a storage space without considerably decreasing the amount of available free space. This is how you also get sufficient space to relax and refresh.
Odd shaped models are exclusively for fitting into a space that does not have similar angles. Mostly, they are bespoke ones and demand more money than usual, as they take time to make and set. Thus, chances are high for you to pay significantly more for a standard sized unit that is custom made. The main reasons behind are more complex structure and build time.
An odd shaped unit can be an 8×7 shed built with frosted glass and having double doors. It can have an unusual shape at the rear side to prevent any collision with the big tree around it. Well, this is just an example of how an irregular shaped shed can be.
Bespoke corner sheds are also available in normal shapes apart from the odd ones. In short, you can have a corner shed built in a size of your choice. However, just keep in mind that the cost rises with the increase in the structure’s size. Still, it ensures the use of best quality materials.
Practically, looking for a shed that can be brought for some pennies is the last thing you would do. Initially, it may sound quite tempting to get a shed for a few pennies but it is likely to make you repent in the long term.
For an outdoor area that is much plain and mundane, adding any of these sheds can improve the overall appearance. You can personalize them without any issue. For instance, for a woodland theme in a lawn or garden, adding soft colors and farm scenes are just better options.
The sky is the limit when it is the matter of beautifying the shed. The factor of customization tends to reflect your personal preferences due to which it is natural to have a desire to make the unit your own.
It is really on you to purchase the right corner shed. You only have to find a model that shall fulfill your needs. One of the ways to ensure this is to choose a shed provider who gives a detailed idea of what you need. Such a company or provider is likely to as a detailed description and blueprint of the place where you wish to install the shed. Most providers are not so careful when it comes to making a bespoke or odd shaped sheds.

Benefits of Corner Sheds

When you choose such a corner shed, you tend to enjoy all its advantages while just giving up a fraction of the outdoor space. You can safely store manure, mower, equipment, and tools inside it. Everything shall definitely become within reach whenever you are in need while maintaining most of the handy yard space. Here are some more benefits that you may not be aware of:

Anywhere Installable

Just because of the name, it does not mean that corner sheds are only for those outdoor corners of your garden or yard. Sheds especially made for corners are actually installable anywhere in your garden or yard. Regardless of any size you choose, a corner shed is installable to dress up an outside angle, cover up an awkward looking angle of a corner off your patio, or improve the overall outdoor look by placing it near the house. In terms of placement, the flexibility is certainly top notch.

Not Necessarily Small

Most of us believe that corner sheds are usually small in size. However, this is not true. These sheds are available in a number of sizes to fit perfectly into any space or corner of your garden. Thus, you will easily find 10 by 10, 20 by 10, and 30 x 12 models for including the whole family for a get together.
These sheds are also available in different sizes, including the octagonal one, which is more appealing. As the name indicates, an octagonal shed consists of eight sides and one or two doors on a side depending on the size. Conversely, a larger size model is equally appealing for those who wishes to enjoy with a family party inside. In short, corner sheds are available in different shapes and sizes.

Different Style Combinations

Unbelievably, the trending corner sheds are available in different styles. In fact, they are available in an amalgamation of styles too. This has justified the fact that the only limit to the corner shed makeup is your own imagination.
These sheds come in a range of styles, roofing options, and paint finishes for delivering that most wanted personal feel. You can select from color paint finishes and consider a cedar roof shingle to adorn the unit naturally as well as stunningly against the remaining area of your garden.

Different from the Standard Garden Shed

It is a fact that a significant number of people consider a garden shed as a source of their retreat. However, for many of us, the same shed is often the resting place of those items that we wish to put away, as they are just for occasional use. Thus, when the garden shed overruns with these items such as bags of fertilizer, tools, and mowers, you shall never feel like spending some few hours inside it.
This is where an exclusive corner shed along with that garden shed comes into picture. It can be a living space to accommodate soft furnishings, chairs, and other useful or supporting accessories to stamp your persona on it. Then, why not have a cup of coffee and grab whatever you like to relax with and get more from this unique building? In this case, you may choose one of the garden corner sheds.

Functionally and Aesthetically Capable

It is true that corner sheds are obtaining an increasing amount of popularity. The main reason behind it is usually the more pleasing visual properties as compared to the typical rectangular models. A standard 7×7 corner shed is just sufficient to fulfil most storage needs, while fitting comfortably into the corner and blending with the rest of the property decor. This results in more of a story to tell rather than just an eye sore. With the ever-increasing collection of colors for garden paint, a corner shed is now both fashionable and functional.
Ideal for Fitting into the Most Awkward Shapes
It is fact that not all gardens have a clean and straight rim. Property limits, amateur lines, and other parameters can be responsible for awkward shape and dimensions. So, corner sheds are made in such a way that they can fit into the more unusual spaces. There is no scope for you to think as to whether I will get the shed for fitting into this most bizarre corner of my garden.

Extreme Customization Possible

Corner sheds are not just for storing things or for relaxing inside on a coffee table. They can be your small new home or a workshop. Modern units are capable of accommodating lights, heaters, coolers, and even a wood or electric burning stove.
They can even accept insulation and other elements required to live in a small home amidst the garden or lawn. You can have your own cozy living place a bit away from your busy home. You can even choose to have doors, windows, and roof styles to make it look as you want.
Most corner sheds are available in two types of roof shapes namely, apex and pent. Apex sheds are ideal for those who are looking for an additional storage space. This is because it relatively has a bit more storage capacity. The credit for this goes to the additional height it has due to which it becomes easier and quicker than usual to put taller items inside, such as rods, ladders, sunshades, or sports equipment.
On the other hand, the pent sheds feature a moderately sloping roof. In other words, these sheds have a bit lower height than the apex ones. Such sheds are handy for putting them next to a hedge or fence.

Extra Guest Accommodation

Is it so that your home frequently remains full of guests? If yes, then it is obvious for you to renovate or expand your house. Well, the truth is that doing so can be a lengthy and/or a costly process. Instead of diverting the home’s structure, consider going for a corner shed, which is relatively a non-invasive as well as cost-effective way of expanding your property for accommodation.
It is more welcoming to offer some privacy to your guests by having one such shed that sits a bit away from your home. It should also be well adorned in a way that does not mismatch with the rest of the home’s decor. If there is sufficient space and private access is possible, you can even consider renting the sheds on popular accommodation sites such as AirBnB.

Maximized Safety for Wood Models

Even if you choose a shed made up of wood, you can ensure it to be the safest one. Wood is normally susceptible to termites and other such attacks if maintenance is not done properly. However, you can prevent these attacks by choosing a wooden corner shed that is well treated.
Timber for corner sheds are vacuum pressure treated due to which there is no risk of such attacks, mold, and decay. It is also water repellent. Such timber also increases the lifespan of the shed, as security it provides tends to last long.
Most units with pre-treated timber preservative need a suitable finish outside, giving an ideal chance to adorn the shed fitting nicely in the garden. Several vendors offer the option to go for an appropriate finish. Alternatively, you can buy a finish from a trusted store in case you are planning to skip the service or build your own corner shed.


Even if you choose a small model, a corner model is likely to last for a long time. This is regardless of the construction material in use. This is because while wood or timber is pressure treated, a metal is naturally long lasting.

Ready to Assemble

Corner sheds are available either ready to assemble models or to be installed units. However, of the two, majority are in the former form, which makes a strong appeal to the Do-It-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts. In case of installation, the service is either included or is available at an additional cost for a suitable base and erection effort. Regardless of what you choose, putting up a corner shed is a candid matter.

Useable for All Seasons

A corner storage shed is not only useable during the gardening season for planting or summer season for relaxing amidst cool ambiance to stay protected from the shade of sun. Even in winters, such sheds provide a reliable escape from the snow, wind, and cold.
Similarly, during the rainy season, it can be your refuge for enjoying fresh panoramas around without getting wet. From a corner shed, it takes no time to survey your beautiful area from the indoor comfort in an outdoor background regardless of the weather or season.


A corner shed is the best option for those who have less garden space or if space is available at a premium. It has its own benefits that make it stand apart from the standard sheds.

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