Why You Should Consider a Drive-through Shed

Do you feel exhausted after moving a riding mower for reaching the tiller? Is it troublesome to pull a tractor with tools or a trailer at its rear? If yes, then it is worth considering a drive-through shed with a drive-in door at one end or two. For using the tractor next time, just open the opposite door and take it out through driving it.

A second door does not cost much and that there is no need of back up. This is particularly significant for big and heavy vehicles. However, a single door is a better option for those who do not want the hassle of maintenance in the long run. This is because double doors may lead to maintenance issues. Usually, double doors need to line up with the frame of the shed’s door as well as with each other.

Surprisingly, despite such cool uses of drive-through sheds, they are still uncommon. Still, one cannot deny their practical benefits. Just think about these benefits for a moment. Featuring doors in both rear and front of shed simply brings several useful opportunities to you. To give you an idea, let us look at its major benefits.

No Labor Required for Moving Vehicles

It is obvious to push a car out of a garage shed prior to reaching up to mower, skiing gear, boats, motorcycles, and other such vehicles. Nevertheless, with the second door, you enjoy an extra point of exit and entrance so that you can easily drive out a big or bothersome vehicle without manual maneuvering. You also enjoy the convenience of taking the stuff stored near the front or rear area of the shed. There is seriously no need to rely only on the front door to take things out, which are stored at the rear.


Better Ventilation / Air Circulation

This is an obvious benefit when there are two doors in a shed. Opening any of the doors on either end improves circulation even if you are doing some work that is likely to produce smoke or exhaust. It is also beneficial when it is really a hot day. Obviously, you shall not prefer allowing the hot weather to make you feel suffocate at any point in time.


Easier Trailer Storage

It can be inconvenient to store a trailer in a shed with just a single door. However, if it is a drive-in door or if there are two overhead doors in a shed, it can be truly easier to store such long vehicles. Depending on the shed’s length and accessibility, you can easily pull a trailer straight without unhooking it or taking a reverse.

When you leave the rear overhead door open, it is truly easier than before to fit a trailer partially such that you can close the door in the front of the shed. Further, if there are fences on the rim, the trailer contents are likely to be more secure than before.


Outdoor Retreat

Just consider opening the rear shed door and convert a part of that area into a relaxed hangout space that keeps rainwater and sunlight away. You can have the same area as your patio.