Can you turn a shed into a house?

The idea of turning a storage shed into a house is perhaps the result of increasing cost of living. Due to rising cost of properties, it is common to turn a small shed into a more affordable option for living. A shed in terms of size is much similar to a big house. The only difference is that a shed is quite space-orientated. After all, it is essential to know the size of what you are buying or investing in, right?

Just an economical set of roof, four walls, and a polished interior can make one live debt-free, which otherwise nobody can guarantee for those who are looking to buy a new residential property these days. This is the reason why many think of a storage shed as a new home. That old shed outside may not be facing optimal utilization as you may have thought, but you can easily ensure this by turning into a small home or even a guesthouse.

Regardless of whether you perceive a shed as a studio space or covered outdoor area, it is easy to make it another convenient home. Then, you can easily allow yourself or your guests inside. It is obvious that such a transformation shall need careful planning.


Zoning Laws and Local Codes

This is the first thing to take care of while planning for converting a shed into a home. This is because several nations have stringent rules about different types of buildings. The zoning laws specify what you can install or erect, where you can do so, and how big or small it can be.

Thus, as a wise citizen, you should always go through your town’s Web site and see the codes area to know about the local rules and regulations. You can even give a call to a town hall to know more or request permits for review.

A few regions may not allow separate living units. In this case, it is impossible to transform a shed into a full living space. In case you belong to a homeowners association, it becomes necessary to go through the laws of both the town and association.

If you are even planning to add some electrical connections or go for some kind of plumbing, it is essential to get some permits. This is in addition to submitting forms only for erecting, installing, or building. Once all rules are known, it is wise to find the features that you can have in your new home.

Features to Include

With rules unleashed, you know what you can or cannot do in your backyard with a shed. Now, it is time to look for the features you can have. The quantity of available space along with the laws shall decide what you can add and what you cannot to the transformed home.

If space is small, you can consider choosing multi-functional furniture items, such as a sofa cum bed or futon. For storing things, you can have shelves attached to walls. They are ideal, as they do not consume floor space. Apart from these features, you can add retractable window screens, lights, plumbing systems, and folding glass doors. The choice is yours!