Can you move a shed?

Many shed owners have one common question to ask, is it possible to move an age-old shed? Well, the fact is that it is possible to move a shed and there are a few techniques for the same. What several people do not recognize is that it is possible to move most types of sheds. Further, shifting a storage shed is not that challenging as it may sound. The keys leading to an effective shifting procedure are good prior preparation and right tools for the task.


Reasons to Move a Shed

There are several reasons why you would consider moving your shed. For example, it can be due to the drainage problem in the existing place, which has already led to damp regions underneath. The reason of shifting can be even the preference for another place in the backyard where natural light is maximum.

At times, the reason could be packing and moving. You might be moving to a new home but do not want to leave the most loved shed behind. Thus, although moving a shed is something that most owners choose to avoid, there are conditions when it becomes important to do that task.


Two Main Ways for Moving a Shed

Well, you can choose to move a shed using a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) shed kit or by taking a professional help. With a kit, moving a shed would include disassembling, which is exactly the opposite of steps taken to assemble it at the time of installing it. However, there are instructions in the kit to guide you for removing the shed.

However, what you need to understand is that moving some types of sheds would need more effort and care, while the rest would demand less of the two. For example, a wooden shed would need more labor as well as care. Just keep in mind that each step is a bit different when it comes to moving it from one place to another


Generic Guidelines for Moving a Shed

Before moving, it is essential to disassemble a shed. While doing so, first, you need to detach doors and windows if any to decrease the overall shed’s weight. This is important in case of a wooden shed, as its door is a truly heavy wood piece.

Next, it is time to remove the roof, which shall influence the shed’s stability. Most non-wooden roofs consist of panels, which you can unscrew using an electric screwdriver.

Then, there might be shingles that you need to separate. Then, in case of a wooden shed, it might be helpful to have temporary bracing prior to detaching the sidewalls. After all, you would not prefer walls falling down just to be injured.

While disassembling, you may see some rusted screws or nails. You surely need to replace them at the time of perching the shed at a new location. After disassembling, it is wise to highlight outside to know which part belongs to which shed’s area to make reassembling simple. If possible, consider hiring a familiar professional for this task. This is because it can save much time and annoyance.