Can you convert shed into house

Do you need extra room for accommodating your guest? Is it so that you need an additional room for your relatives who are coming to stay with you this summer? Are you looking for extra room for your grown up kids? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it is truly a great idea to convert a shed into another home.


There are already walls, a floor, and a roof ready even if it is a small shed. Alternately, if the storage shed is of a garage size, it is then much like a small apartment with sufficient space to accommodate a small kitchenette or a bathroom. Therefore, it is possible to convert a shed into a house.


Getting Started for the Most Useful Conversion

Converting your shed into an additional living space involves prioritizing your needs and actions that you can afford to take. Is it so that you need a bed in a shed just for having a warm sleep during cold nights? Are you looking to make your shed a fully equipped stay during weekends or holidays? How many family members or guests shall stay in a shed?


Well, these queries answer your requirements, which you should know prior to commencing your project. It is also useful to determine a design prior to making any changes to the shed. Doing so aids in concentrating on the purchases such as a hardwood floor for giving a pastoral feel or a patterned rug for a comfortable appearance.


Legal Requirements

Before starting with any modification or conversation, it is wise to consult your local or town hall building department. This is because you may need some permits for doing this type of job without breaching the existing rules. As per the job you intend to do, the regional or county’s building departments might mandate a few different permits.


For instance, if you are planning to do some plumbing task or install wires for electricity, plumbing and electrical permits may be mandatory in your region. In a few regions, the law may not allow having a toilet in a shed. This shall make the shed a separate living unit. Similarly, a few counties do not allow two living spaces on a single property. If you are a member of a homeowner’s association, you also need to look for its rules and regulations.

Proceeding with the Conversion

Once you get the legal permission, you can start with alterations. At this stage, you may consider electrical wiring across the shed. While there might be wiring for one or two lights, you may now need a few more outlets.

Then, you may add at least one or two windows in case you have none. If you place them opposite each other, they simply contribute to additional light as well as air circulation. You may also consider a space heater and a window air conditioner.

Next, the shed may need plumbing pipes prior to insulating walls and ceiling. After electrical, insulation, and plumbing, paneling shall be your next step.