Can I build a shed in my backyard

Building a storage shed in a backyard is easy but that shall require a building permit. Although your storage shed could occupy up to 800 cubic feet of area, several neighborhoods need a permit for any edifice that is over a particular height. Although not all nations need a permit, it is essential to know which region mandates what permits for storage sheds. After all, it is the homeowner’s liability to get a permit before building or installation.

In several areas, a 6×8 or 8×8 shed installation shall fulfill a majority of legal code requirements. Nevertheless, building a jumbo shed such as the one measuring 16×24 could challenge the neighborhood’s zoning limitations. In short, each county has its own codes and rules for buildings due to which you need to know them precisely. In case of any breach post erection, you will simply have to move or remove by incurring additional expenses.


Permits for Small Storage Sheds

Most people believe that building permits are just for sheds having an area of beyond 100 square foot. However, this is a myth. A permit is never proportional to the size. Indeed, you need a building permit for any shed size, if your county has made it mandatory to do so. Well, there are some justifications for it.

First, a government inspector would always ensure that the shed you erect should be as per the codes. This is done to ensure that the shed shall never sink, be blown by the wind, or be hit by a harmful roof collapse. Second, the regional officials would also approve the chosen site. Obviously, this site should not be a wetland or be over a drainage system. To know specific code requirements for building a shed, it is wise to consult at the municipal building department.

tuff shed cabin shell

Zoning Restrictions

Here are some aspects that you need to know for determining whether the storage shed you build shall fulfill the building requirements of your area or not.

  • Several regions disallow or confine large sheds.
  • A few areas limit the number of levels within an edifice.
  • A few counties also have limitations on several wiring and electrical equipment inside.
  • Several regions shall confine sheds for installation in only backyards. In some cases, the regulations may mandate not to consume over 20% backyard space.
  • Areas with frequent storms mandate anchoring of all sheds or buildings to the ground for standing firmly during heavy winds. Places whose temperatures go below the freezing point mandate precise techniques for foundations.
  • Several counties mandate whether edifices are connected to homes or garages.
  • Some regions shall confine the type of foundation.
  • A few counties shall need sheds at some specific distance from a few critical objects such as pools, fences, and trees.


Tips for Building a Shed in a Backyard

  • Avoid building a shed at a foothill or in a low-lying region for enjoying durability.
  • Avoid building a shed into the deep back corner, as it is inconvenient while trailing back and forth every time for taking a tool from the yard.
  • Choose a place nearer to the house.