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A Comprehensive Buying Guide to Top 7 Best Bike Storage Sheds

Bikes are experiencing freedom during a journey but they can trigger a feeling of being trapped due to them being lying around the home in some seasons. Modern urban life usually requires sacrificing a significant amount of area for storing these bikes so that the owners can enjoy the convenience of quickly reaching to the useful places. Storing bikes in tight areas can be problematic for their riders or owners.
Is your bike too attractive to be left on the garden lawn? Is it so that it is consuming some valuable space in the living room or in the garage? If yes, then it indicates that you are in search for an ideal storage place for your bike. Well, this is the right time to get an outdoor bike storage shed.

Overview of Outdoor Storage Sheds for Bikes

What exactly an outdoor bike storage is? Well, it is where an owner can leave the bike during those hours when she or he shall be off the pedal. Such a storage not only shelters but also protects a new shiny bike from the harsh elements as well as itchy hands. After all, such a bike is not only eye-catching to you but also to others on the streets. This is regardless of how far or near they are until the bike is within their visibility zone.
Well, at times, choosing an outdoor storage solution is due to a necessity instead of an option. For example, you might be living in a small villa or an apartment that is struggling to defy gravity. The room is super narrow, while the ceiling is much low. This is when an outdoor storage option becomes mandatory.
Another situation indicating necessity is for those who are on the road for most of the times. You are the most joyful person while riding on your bike amidst the woodlands. For such a person, every day is an adventure on two wheels. At night, the bike will be where you will choose to rest. There are bolts, bearings, and other small parts that function simultaneously to keep your bike moving. Even they need shelter and safe storage.

Why Choose an Outdoor Bike Storage Shed?

The option of storing bikes indoors simply spoils you for choice. You need racks, hooks, and/or shelves for this purpose. Most of them are accessible through road-side stores, and shall demand only a few twists. However, the indoor space savers or nomads will always incline towards effortless storage. This is when they start looking for outdoor bike storage solutions, which are similar to a bike storage box.
It is a fact that we put a lot of money in bikes. However, most of them get damaged due to uncomfortable storage organization in one’s home. This is evident in terms of scratched zones, broken areas, and lack of insufficient walking space. So, these are some signs that may force one to look for outdoor storage.
In several situations, keeping the bike inside the home is not an option. Even if there is a crafty corner in the home, others in the family can sometimes find this idea a bit annoying. Further, not all of us have a garage for storing vehicles. Instead of leaving it exposed to the sun or in the cold, it is ideal to keep it in a bike storage shed for safeguarding it from the harsh environmental elements.
After all, even bikes, just as babies, need care and love if you wish them to serve you for long. The scorching heat of the sun is likely to degrade the bike’s plastic as well as depress its tire. Moreover, leaving the bike out too often in the evenings may result in corroding the different components.
An outdoor bike storage is also a safer option than a lock-n-chain solution. The latter is not a great hurdle to an outsider who is looking for a chance to rob $500 asset away. However, a shed is a place that shall not tempt these free robbers.
Another reason to go for an outdoor solution is to have more space inside the home, hostel, or apartment. If the living space is cramped enough to disallow even hooking, an almost permanent solution is what you will need.

Overview of Bike Shed Storage Options

If you are living in an area where outdoor space is constrained or limited and where there is no garage, sheltering as well as protecting a bike can be a challenging task. Gratefully, there are bike storage sheds for such spaces. These sheds protect a bike without consuming much space or charging you heftily. In short, there are ample of outdoor storage solutions for bikes.
The market is full of varieties such as garden bike storage models, wooden sheds, metal sheds, and plastic sheds. The sheds also vary in terms of size and color. Many householders prefer to have a garden storage. This is because they can be used for multiple purposes. For example, such a storage is ideal for keeping not only gardening tools but also bikes in a clean and dry condition. You can even use such a storage option for storing your BBQ equipment. Further, it can also be your secondary storage edifice.

Factors to Look for Choosing a Bike Storage Shed

A bike is a precious investment, especially for the one whose fun is dependent on its outdoor rides for hours. For most of us, it is a big luxury too. However, most of us fail to fully tap the potential of this asset. This happens when we are unable or fail to give a safe and secure space for the bike to rest when our feet are not pedaling it.
For most of the time, the bikes are stored in the wrong place due to which they sooner or later face injury or get damaged. Anyone who have experienced dragging a bike through steps and tight doorways several times recognizes the need of a handy storage solution for saving both energy and time.
Finding such a storage space is a critical responsibility, which can be a confusing task. There are small outdoor bike storage solutions that can accommodate only up to two bicycles. Similarly, there are big storage sheds that can take in the bikes of all family members.
Apart from these sizes, sheds also vary in terms of orientation. There are horizontal and vertical bike storage sheds to consider. Then, there are sheds that pop up for storing bikes or that allow walking inside for the same task. In short, the possibilities for outdoor storage sheds for bike are as many as the needs of their customers.
In other words, you need to recognize your needs for easily selecting the most suitable bike storage shed. Doing so shrinks your search or make it more specific so that you focus only on most relevant or suitable shed options.
For example, if you know that your outdoor storage space is limited for storing two bikes, you will then look for only compact sheds. In this case, you considered the amount of space as a factor for deciding the right type of shed. Similarly, there are some other factors to consider for making the selection process a hassle-free one. Following are the major factors that you should consider:

Factor 1: Amount of Storage Space

Not all of us have ample of outdoor storage space. However, the shed that you choose should fit within the available space. Thus, it is important to consider the amount of available space for storing the shed. If space is not much in your garden, patio, or lawn, it means that you will need an efficient shed that is compact and yet functional enough to store the bikes conveniently. This is especially true for those who lives in an apartment.

Factor 2: Number of Bikes

Apart from the storage space, the number of bikes to be stored also determine the size of the storage shed to consider. If you have just one bike to store, a small and compact shed will be sufficient. However, if you have three bikes and the outdoor storage shed is limited, then you need a big yet compact shed to fulfill these criteria. In this case, a vertical bike storage shed shall be an ideal option.

Factor 3: Shed Size

Just as the storage area varies, the size of different sheds also differs. This is required so that the householders can choose the fitting size as per the available storage area. While manufacturers deliver a variety of sizes, choosing the most suitable one shall depend on three factors: Number of bikes you wish to store, storage space in the outdoor, and budget.
While interrogating the bike storage shed sizes, you may come across the labelled size in cubic feet instead of the actual dimensions. This means that this label provides the cubic feet of storage. In this case, you may have to interpret a bit for comparing the sheds of different sizes.
As a rule of thumb, the bigger the size, the more expensive it shall be than the smaller ones. Further, the prices of bike storage sheds tend to differ significantly even as per the maker as well as the material.
Still, the number of bikes and backyard space will help you in choosing a small or big shed. If you need to store only two bikes, there is no need to spend money for the one that can fit in four.
For storage area of approximately 6’ x 3’, a storage shed for bikes fitting in it can accommodate more than a single bike. This is also a critical reason why a dedicated bike storage shed can be an ideal outdoor bike storage solution for all family bikes of different sizes to be stored in one place.

Factor 4: Bike Storage Shed Material

Once you decide the right shed size, the next important factor to consider is its construction material. Bike sheds are made using different materials such as plastic, wood, and metal. Let’s explore each of them in terms of its pros and cons.
Metal Bike Shed: Steel is the most popular metal for constructing bike storage sheds. A powder-coated steel is normally used in making these sheds, which appeal to those who do not like to maintain a wooden bike shed. Wood calls for much maintenance, which you can overcome by switching to a metallic version. A steel with powder coating needs no maintenance throughout its lifespan. However, it does not have the aesthetic appeal of a wooden shed. Comparatively, steel sheds are long lasting and rugged, as they are resistant to wear and tear. However, humidity can easily corrode steel. However, you can treat it well to prevent this damage. There are not as many steel options as the wooden ones in the market. Further, it is a bit tough job to install shelves in a steel shed, which definitely calls for some adjustments. Nevertheless, if such customizations are on priority, a wooden bike shed is a better choice.
Wooden Bike Shed: This kind of shed may be similar to that of a typical wooden shed. This means that it shall be groove or overlap construction. Choose a wooden shed if aesthetic appeal and maximum scope of customization are your priorities. The beauty of this material is that it is easy and quick to modify the style as well as size as per your needs. However, you should be ready to maintain a wooden shed regularly. A wood material needs a significant level of maintenance throughout its lifespan, such as applying a preserving sealer or staining. Lastly, one should consider the possibility of a termite attack on a rotting wooden surface. So, choose a quality wood that shall not degrade in just a few years.
Plastic Bike Shed: This kind of shed has all the features of a steel counterpart. Such sheds are often available at cheap rates. Another point in their favor is that they do not need any maintenance effort. Plastic sheds are also highly functional. These are the reasons why several householders choose plastic. Of all the different plastic materials available, Rubbermaid seems to be the most popular option. This is material is high-density polyethylene. Although it does not look that attractive, the material is chosen for its full resistance power against denting, chipping, or cracking. On the flip side, the Rubbermaid sheds do not specifically support customization.
PVC Bike Shed: You may find sheds made using weather-resistant material and PVC tubing and in which the material screens through the PVC frame. These bike storage sheds are generally cheaper than other options. In this category, you will see more of pop-up sheds that are constructed using a weatherproof as well as soft material. These sheds pop open for exposing its deep storage capacity.
Overview: Timber options blend well with your outdoor lands, while plastic ones are easy to install, portable, and resistant to corrosion. Steel options are durable and needs little or no maintenance.
Wooden, plastic, PVC, and metal bicycle sheds all are capable protecting your bikes from different weather elements, keep it inaccessible for the robbers, and maintain its tidiness when not in use. These sheds are also likely to protect that car from scratches while packing some more things into less garage space. Regardless of the bicycle storage shed material, you are likely to get assurance for protection.
However, your choice shall be dependent on a number of things. How is the weather in your neighborhood? Are you planning to shift somewhere else? Are you willing to take the shed when you move?

Factor 5: Safety and Security

If you are residing in a safe neighborhood, safety and security might not be of a great concern. However, at the same time, it should be kept in mind that no street is safe forever. Similarly, even the world’s safest streets are not free from their dark side. If a bike is a valuable or an expensive investment, it is essential to keep it the same way as a car.
Safety and security is, therefore, necessary. Thus, apart from maintaining it, it is essential to keep it safe from any damaging factor and theft risk. Both safety and security are dependent on the construction material used and the price you pay. They must be ensured to assure several years of admirable service.
It is vital to note that the bike’s condition is easily influenced by the weather. Right from the rusting rain to damaging UV rays and snow, your area’s weather is likely to influence the shed’s functionality. So, it is better to consider all these factors and look for a weather-proof shed. You need to look after the shed for it to look after you.

Factor 6: Diverse Options

Outdoor bike storage sheds come in a variety of options. A few sheds come with hooks that can hold the gear related to the bike. Some might come with compartments or shelves for holding accessories such as helmets. There are even sheds with a single door that pops up., while the rest of the sheds feature dual doors so that you can walk inside.
A few bike storage sheds tend to pop up from sides as well as from the top. Other options that bike storage sheds can have are locking mechanism and different types of flooring. However, these options are usually dependent on the shed type and its orientation, which can be horizontal or vertical.
bike storage box

Factor 7: Budget/Price

Generally, the cost of a bike storage shed tends to differ significantly as per size, options, material, and maker/brand. You can expect to spend approximately a minimum of $200. For a large or a better shed in terms of features, the price usually starts from $500.

Top 3 Bike Storage Sheds

The YardStash III Garden/Pool/Bike Storage

This shed is one of the popular, portable, cleverest, and well-made outdoor bike storage solutions. It is for those who do not have enough outdoor space to keep a big shed. Despite this, it is big enough to accommodate two adult bikes and yet leave some space inside. The shed features a space-saving shape with a small footprint left regardless of where it is assembled.
The shed is using materials of superior quality materials, including vinyl tarpaulin roof of industrial grade having UPF 50+ protection and polyester glued to weatherproof and thick interior coating. Its roof is also rip-proof. In simple words, this shed can withstand anything without responding in the form of wear and tear despite daily use.
With water shedding design, rain shall have no damaging effect on it. Moreover, this YardStash shed comes with heavy-duty zippers, which remain least affected by rain as well as sun. Moreover, they run quite smooth at the time of opening and closing. Bottom and top zippers seal the door to ensure 100% protection from pests, dust, and water.
It takes only 15 minutes to perch this tent-like shed. You also get a carrying case, which is weather-resistant.

Suncast BMS4900D Glidetop Slide Lid Shed

This is another nicely designed bike storage shed. Just as other outdoor storage products of Suncast, even this one has is well constructed. Their plus point is that they consistently rank higher than the Rubbermaid’s similar models. This one is big enough to accommodate three bikes with some spare space. It has a sliding lid that opens up for allowing you to walk inside to access the bikes and tools.
There are lockable doors in this shed to protect your bikes from robbers. Further, the double-walled resin build adds to durability as well as to easy maintainability with just once-a-while hosing. On the flip side, it takes an hour to get assembled, which is more than the aforementioned shed but it happens with least tools.

Rubbermaid Outdoor Horizontal Storage Shed

This is a large shed made up of olive and sandstone and features double-walled resin build ensuring durability. It is resistant to weather elements, leakage, and denting so that you can use it all round the year. This is also ensured b a floor mat of heavy-duty quality. The shed comes with a roof that is hinged for ensuring effortless access to items.

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