5 Things You Need to Consider with Barns for Rent

Barns are agricultural buildings that usually house livestock such as horses and cattle. They can also store farm equipment and sacks of grains. While these are the barn’s key function, they can also be used for other purposes.

With various innovations and ideas, a barn can now be transformed into a decent home. It can also be turned into a playhouse, cabin, utility, and cottage. The onset of barn use innovations has opened doors to barn owners to have their barns for rent.

Barns are typically constructed by using wood logs. Older barns, on the other hand, are built through timbers hewn from trees. As years go by, barns have evolved based on the materials used.

However, despite all the changes, the entire look of a barn has caught the attention of a lot of people, especially the millennials.

The idea in using barns as a special venue for events has grown tremendously. Because of this, more people are now fond of looking barns for rent.

The usual uses of barns include storing hay and grain, sheltering workers while doing chores, and communal gatherings. Now, the latter speaks of what has become of barns nowadays. It has become a perfect spot for modern type communal gatherings, such as weddings.

With the popularity of barn weddings, the demand of a barn to rent for weddings has increased drastically. If you are one of those who consider hosting an event in a barn especially a barn wedding, there are things you need to consider when it comes to barns for rent.


  1. Rules and Restrictions – Keep in mind that barns aren’t created to purposely host events like weddings. This means that the surroundings of the barns aren’t also created for events.

You may expect animals, workers, vegetables, and fruits around. Therefore, you should be careful with various rules and regulations within the premises of the farm where the barn is situated.

For instance, you may consider if there is a noise ordinance or restriction. In order          for you to make sure that you are all aligned with the any rules and regulations in the barn that you are renting, make sure to have a contract with the owner.

  1. Designated Time – Make sure that you also stipulate the designated time you agreed upon with the owner in the contract. This is to avoid issues, especially that areas where barns for rent are located are somewhat prudent when it comes to time and noises in the neighborhood.
  2. Number of People – Take into account that barns may look like spacious, but in reality, they cannot hold tons of people. However, the good thing about barns that can add charm and drama to any events are their high ceilings.

Nevertheless, you need to be careful when you finalize to list of people or guests who are going to the event. Make sure that the number of guests can fit inside a barn.

  1. Availability of Amenities – There are a lot of barns to rent nowadays, but you need to consider the availability of amenities for each barn that you eyeing. As previously mentioned, most barns for rent aren’t built for special occasions or events.

Therefore, when you have an ocular visit to your desired barn venue, check if there’s electricity and bathroom available.

If you find that there are no bathrooms available, you may want to rent bathroom trailers to specifically cater the needs of your guests during the event.

On the other hand, if there are no electricity available, then you can speak to the owner of the barn if they can provide you with generators. Know beforehand if they have generators to provide, so that you can book one for yourself in other vendors elsewhere.

  1. Additional Features – Aside from the basic amenities mentioned above, you may also want to check other features that you can find around the area. Basically, barns do not really have parking lots. However, they have huge open spaces that can be utilized for parking.

barn for rent to store stuff

In order to assist your guests when parking, you may need to consider in hiring a parking assistance to have a smooth parking flow. Check with the barn owner as well if they already provide a parking assistance in the rent package.

Barns nowadays are very ideal for different occasions and family gatherings. Barn weddings have also become an optimal idea for a lot of couples.

While you can rent barns specially located in farms, you may also want to consider portable buildings in barn types because they can easily be moved around. Therefore, there is much convenience along those lines.

Nevertheless, whether you choose a portable barn or not, keep those five things in consideration before opting to choose a vendor for your special event.